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  • Doobie is the host of the show and the co-owner of LaughingPlace.com. Doobie has been a Disney fan since 1995 and has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World literally thousands of times though he's never worked there. His favorite attractions are Tower of Terror and the Haunted Mansion, and he loves Fantasmic! and Lights! Motors! Action! (and any show with exclamation points). But ultimately, Doobie knows it's all about the food. His favorite Disney experience is Disney's Princess on Ice.
  • Rebekah is the other co-owner of LaughingPlace.com and Doobie's wife. She's a life-long Disney fan who's also visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World thousands of times. She's a big fan of the 70s Disney, especially the 70s Mickey Mouse Club. Her daily job at LaughingPlace.com requires her to keep her finger on the pulse of all things Disney. The best little-known Disney film she's introduced her husband to is Greyfriars Bobby.
  • Captain Jon is another life-long Disney fan who comes at things from a slightly younger point of view. He's especially adept at dreaming up new Disney attractions, but ultimately, he's a pirate with all that that entails. His favorite movie is, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean. He also handles one of the most popular parts of the show, the Captain's Challenge.
  • FanBoy is beyond description. Fanatic is far too mild a word to describe his feelings towards Disney. But unlike most fans, he brings a business background with him that allows him to look at things from several perspectives ... and still invariably come up with the wrong opinion. His favorite Disney movie? Whichever one made the most money .... and Underdog.

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Episode List
Below are the list of Laughing Place Podcasts.
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#50 - September 7, 2007 Download (69:06)
The crew reviews the new O Canada film, cover new Epcot rumors and discuss new Disneyland hotels plus readers give their Disney park special event suggestions and the Captain's Challenge.

#49 - August 31, 2007 Download (63:14)
his week the crew discusses why California got DCA instead of DisneySea, the strangest Disney memorabilia, Epcot Dining suggestions and the Captain's Challenge.

#48 - August 24, 2007 Download (73:15)
After a week off the crew returns with Disney's Hollywood Studios, another SOAR update, the Pirate and Princess Party, High School Musical 2 and the Captain's Challenge

#47 - August 10, 2007 Download (69:34)
This week the crew discusses the extension of the Year of a Million Dreams, new Adventures by Disney tours, the Disney Gallery closure, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the Captain's Challenge.

#46 - August 3, 2007 Download (62:01)
This week the gang talks about Disney's earnings report, answer a question about how living so close to Disney affects the magic, celebrate Adventure Thru Inner Space's 40th anniversary, reminisce about LP's 8 years, listener feedback and the Captain's Challenge.

#45 - July 27, 2007 Download (78:42)
This week the gang discusses theme park rumors, discuss the question "What attractions does everyone like but you don't?", parade history, reader feedback and the Captain's Challenge.

#44 - July 20, 2007 Download (57:00)
This week the crew talks Disneyland's birthday, Disneyland rumors, Armchair Imagineering Ratatouille and the Captain's Challenge. Also, they answer the reader question "why should a Disneyland regular visit WDW?"

#43 - July 13, 2007 Download (75:27)
This week the Podcast focuses on Ratatouille feedback, changes at Epcot, Disneyland and Disney Theatrical, advice for WDW regulars visiting Disneyland and Alien Encounter.

#42 - July 5, 2007 Download (76:25)
This week the crew reviews Ratatouille, discuss new Disney-MGM Studios rumors, answer listener questions and, of course, the Captain's Challenge.

#41 - June 22, 2007 Download (71:02)
This week FanBoy returns from Disneyland and the crew discusses the Nemo Subs, Ratatouille, their instant connections with characters, recent consumer products news, voicemail from magnet, Star Wars Weekends and much more.

#40 - June 15, 2007 Download (51:56)
This week Doobie, Rebekah and Captain Jon discuss the new subs, Ratatouille and Armchair Imagineer Star Tours. Plus a phone call from FanBoy and the Captain's Challenge.

#39 - June 8, 2007 Download (49:07)
This week the crew talks Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, other rides that should be brought back, essential Disneyland attractions, the Captain's Challenge and listener mail from Disney Legend Bob Gurr.

#38 - June 1, 2007 Download (1:10:34)
This week the four discuss Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Pirate's Lair, the big Harry Potter announcement and Armchair Imagineer Honey, I Shrunk the Audience plus the Captain's Challenge.

#37 - May 25, 2007 Download (62:03)
This week is focused on Pirates: At World's End. Also covered are changes in Imagineering, WDW union contract woes, what's new at Islands of Adventure and a couple of listener questions.

#36 - May 18, 2007 Download (1:22:02)
This week the podcast crew discusses the new announced from Disney Parks about their On Demand channel, baseball at Wide World of Sports, ABC's new fall shows, the Ratatouille Big Cheese tour, their trip to Sea World, essential Disney and So Cal theme park memories.

#35 - May 11, 2007 Download (77:02)
This week the gang talks Disney quarterly results, the new Epcot VP, the possible extension of the Year of a Million Dreams, the off campus Pirates Dinner Adventure and the counterfeit Disneyland in China.

#34 - May 4, 2007 Download (56:51)
This week: DCA rumors, the latest Ratatouille clips, Pixar's move to live-action, our favorite Disney heroes, listener mail, the Captain's Challenge and we found Rosita!

#33 - April 27, 2007 Download (77:56)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon are back with news on the Anaheim Council vote, the Disney Missouri rumors, Disney's California Food & Wine Festival including an interview with its producer, the Disney Channel games, and attractions we won't go on plus the Captain's Challenge.

#32 - April 20, 2007 Download (73:53)
This week the crew discusses the announcement that the Patina group will be taking over the restaurant in the Italy Pavilion and Pirates news. And they talk about who deserves a Window on Disneyland's Main Street, their favorite Disney songs and their favorite Disney child actors.

#31 - April 13, 2007 Download (50:22)
This week the Podcast crew discuss Epcot changes including Gran Fiesta and Spaceship Earth. Also, Tony Orlando's Flower Power concert, Disneyland Paris turns 15, news in Hong Kong and Shanghai and more. Plus a phone call from Rhett Wickham with Rapunzel news and the Captain's Challenge.

#30 - April 6, 2007 Download (79:18)
This week Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon review Meet the Robinsons and discuss the recent theme park attendance numbers, WDW hotel issues and the Flower and Garden Festival. Greg Maletic introduces a discussion about dark rides and movie tie-ins, the crew gives their three favorite dark rides and the Captain's Challenge.

#29 - March 30, 2007 Download (65:45)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon review Monsters Inc, Laugh Floor and discuss Walt Disney World and Disneyland hot news, the new Ratatouille trailer and other animation news, FanBoy's recent trip to Disneyland, Disney and Children's Place speculations, Meet the Robinsons predictions and the Captain's Challenge.

#28 - March 23, 2007 Download (78:26)
Doobie, Rebekah, Fan Boy and Captain Jon talk Pirates 3, the Pop Century Resort, 3D movies, Disney's lawsuit against Anaheim and Doobie and Rebekah's recent trip to Disneyland plus the Captain's Challenge!

#27 - March 16, 2007 Download (62:28)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon discuss the controversy surrounding Rapunzel with animation insider Rhett Wickham, a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End update from the Captain, Disney World's Pirates and Princess Party and Haunted Mansion, more on the Four Seasons announcement and a controversial ESPN suggestion with contributor Greg Maletic and more.

#26 - March 9, 2007 Download (65:34)
This week Doobie, Rebekah and FanBoy discuss Disney's recent shareholders meeting. They also continue discussion of Walt Disney World's big Four Seasons and Western Beltway announcement last week with guest contributor and reader davewasbaloo. Also more on Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and other odds and ends.

#25 - March 2, 2007 Download (61:02)
This week Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon talk about the big Four Seasons and Western Way announcement at Walt Disney World; the direction of Disney's studio division and the Disney brand in general; Protecting the Disney name; Pixar's upcoming WAL-E; and the March 8th shareholders meeting. They also welcome a new contributor to the podcast, LaughingPlace.com columnist Greg Maletic, and discuss what he calls one of Disney's biggest mistakes - pricing all the theme parks the same.

#24 - February 23, 2007 Download (44:53)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon are back with all-Disney discussion. This week it's the new Disney cruise ship announcement; Disneyland and Pirates of the Caribbean rumors; Would Disney-Pixar Studios be a good name change? The new Captain's Challenge Trivia; Bridge to Terabithia, Underdog and the Sorcerer's Apprentice; and Doobie and Rebekah disagree on The Great Movie Ride.

#23 - February 16, 2007 Download (56:31)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon weigh in on the topics of the day: Disney's potential future plans as reported in last week's investors conference; More on the Incredibles People Mover at Disneyland, the Three Caballeros at Epcot and the movement towards character based attractions; Doobie and Rebekah see Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floorand give their opinions; Narnia and Bridge to Terabithia news and discussion; The return of KimPossible; And something about marrying the president's daughter

#22 - February 9, 2007 Download (1:13:06)
Doobie, Rebekah, FanBoy and Captain Jon return with talk about the new Disney.com, the Magic Kingdom's Pirate and Princess Party, Disneyland rumors of a new hotel and attraction, what's next at Epcot, Disney's Superbowl "What's Next" campaigns, the new Disney animation production house being created with Robert Zemeckis, reviews of Cinderella 3, a Pirates of the Caribbean update and even some Harry Potter thrown in for fun. Apologies in advance for the problems with the audio. This was corrected in the next podcast.

#21 - January 26, 2007 Download (39:38)
In this week's Podcast Doobie, Rebekah and FanBoy look at the January 26th announcements at the big Walt Disney World media event including Toy Story Mania and Annie Leibovitz Disney dreams marketing campaign. They also look at Disneyland's two announcements - an opening date for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Pirate's Lair. They also look at Disney's Oscar nominations.

#20 - January 19, 2007 Download (60:12)
Rebekah joins Doobie, FanBoy and Captain Jon this week. The discussion covers the new articulated characters in Dream-Along with Mickey, a review of a Monsters Inc, Laugh Floor preview, a new Disney Cruise Line announcement, a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Update, Superbowl commercials, the 2007 Shareholders' Meeting, outsourcing of valet parking at WDW, the closing of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and the opening of The Little Mermaid, Jump In on the Disney Channel, High School Musical missed opportunities, breakfast cereals, What We Like and What We Don't Like - both on American Disney parks, Fantasy Waters and Michael Jackson, next week's media events and the Disney Decade.

#19 - January 12, 2007 Download (60:00)
The LaughingPlace.com Podcast returns with new hosts and a new format. This week we run down the 2007 Walt Disney Pictures releases, discuss the latest news and Walt Disney World and Disney, talk about Bob Iger's Disney.com presentation and give our bold predictions for 2007.

#18 - April 20, 2006 Download (22:00)
On this very royal edition we countdown the Top 10 Castles, pay a visit to the newly renovated World of Disney rooms, discuss a new attraction for the World Showcase at EPCOT at more!

#17 - April 14, 2006 Download (30:21)
On this "wild" podcast we travel to the Theater of the Wild for a preview of upcoming Nemo show, explore the wild rivers of the Jungle Cruise, countdown the Top 10 Wildest Car Chases, look behind the newest wild ride Expedition Everest and more!

#16 - March 27, 2006 Download (30:42)
On this episode we sail over to EPCOT for the Disney Cruise Line announcement, countdown the Top 10 Disney Ships, discuss whether Disney should focus on new attractions or keeping the old up-to-date, as well as give Disney news, trivia, and more.

#15 - March 3, 2006 Download (19:13)
This week we discuss a new attraction for Disney-MGM Studios, as well as give trivia, news and This Week in Disney History.

#14 - February 24, 2006 Download (20:57)
On this episode we plunge into the world of water as we discuss ideas for water parks at the Disneyland Resort in Armchair Imagineering, list the Top 10 Disney Theme Park Waterfalls and more!

#13 - February 10, 2006 Download (21:20)
On this episode we dive into the wild world of sports as we discuss ideas for ESPN involvement in the theme parks in Armchair Imagineering, countdown the Top 10 Disney Athletes as well as give our review of 8 Below and discuss the latest news.

#12 - February 3, 2006 Download (26:31)
On this podcast we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Disney's California Adventure with a look back at the park's history, as well as discuss the Timon lot expansion space in Armchair Imagineering.

#11 - January 27, 2006 Download (44:47)
Join us on this "Everest-sized" episode as we talk about the Disney buyout of Pixar, countdown the Top 10 Disney Mountains, review Expedition Everest and come up with ideas for Wonders of Life in Armchair Imagineering.

#10 - January 20, 2006 Download (22:38)
On this wild episode we discuss a replacement for Tarzan Rocks in Armchair Imagineering, give tips for touring Animal Kingdom, discuss news and more.

#9 - January 13, 2006 Download (23:21)
On this week's explosive episode we explore Disney pyrotechnics. The Top 10 Disney Firework Moments, Tour Tips on how to view displays at the Disney parks, an Armchair Imagineering discussion of Fantasmic 2.0, news and trivia.

#8 - January 6, 2006 Download (20:58)
On this podcast we countdown the Top 10 Richest Disney Characters, discuss ideas for a Narnia attraction in Armchair Imagineering, give Tour Tips on freebies at Disney resorts, and report on the news of the week.

#7 - December 30, 2005 Download (20:25)
In the final episode of 2005 we do a year-end recap, give our New Year's resolutions and announce last week's contest winners.

#6 - December 23, 2005 Download (20:46)
On this episode we delve into the world of monsters with a preview of the new Monsters Inc attraction at DCA, the Top 10 Scary Disney Monster Encounters and talk about the differences between the Haunted Mansion in all of the parks. There's also news, This Week in Disney History and a new contest.

#5 - December 17, 2005 Download (33:26)
On this episode we continue we continue our interview with Margaret Kerry, talk about Narnia and the new book 101 Things You Never Knew About Walt Disney World, and countdown the top 10 Disney Dance Numbers.

#4 - December 9, 2005 Download (30:56)
Join us for this very magical episode of the LaughingPlace podcast. On this show we take you to Disney-MGM Studios for the opening of the new Narnia attraction and talk with the original reference model for Tinker Bell, Margaret Kerry. We'll also discuss animal habitats for Animal Kingdom in Armchair Imagineering, countdown the top 10 worst Disney magicians, give news, tourist tips, trivia, and reveal the winner of last weeks contest.

#3 - December 2, 2005 Download (21:40)
Daniel and Jonathan talk all about time: what should replace The Timekeeper attraction at the Magic Kingdom, the top 10 Disney timepieces and nitpick the "tale as old as time" Beauty and the Beast. It also features our first contest which puts your knowledge of Disney quotes to the test.

#2 - November 24, 2005 Download (24:15)
The News, Armchair Imagineering - Holiday Overlay, Nitpick of the Week - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Top 10 Feasts, more.

#1 - November 18, 2005 Download (22:39)
Intro to the Podcast, The News, Armchair Imagineering - The Contemporary Hotel, Nitpick of the Week - The Haunted Mansion, Top 10 Chickens, more.