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FastPass at Walt Disney World

A Test Track FastPass ticket

FastPass is a system instituted at Disneyland and Walt Disney World to reduce the amount of time guests are required to spend in line at the most popular attractions. At Walt Disney World, FastPass is currently operating at the following attractions:

FastPass Attractions

Magic Kingdom


Disney's Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Left: The return time displays with the distribution machines
Right: Close-up of the distribution machines for Test Track

How It Works

  • Go to the attraction and you'll see displays indicating the current wait time for the normal line (called the stand-by line) and the current return time for FastPass. You always have the option of waiting in the normal line or getting a FastPass. If you get a FastPass you'll need to return at the time indicated (a one hour window).
  • If you choose to get a FastPass, insert your ticket - whether it be a one-day passport, multi-day passport, annual passport or any other type of passport - and out will pop a Fastpass ticket indicating when you will need to return.
  • Go do something else! When the time comes, return to the attraction and look for a sign marked "FastPass Return". Show your FastPass to the Cast Member and, when asked to, enter the line and have little or no wait for the attraction.

Left: The normal "stand-by" line entrance with the current wait time
Right: The FastPass return location with a clock letting you know if it's time yet.

There are a couple of rules to keep in mind

  • Because your ticket is required to get a FastPass, make sure you hold on to your ticket after entering the park. And only tickets used to enter the park can be used to get a FastPass.
  • Once you have obtained a FastPass, you cannot obtain another FastPass on any attraction until two hours have passed or your return time has arrived. This means you cannot get a Space Mountain FastPass then immediately go get a Splash Mountain FastPass. You must wait for two hours or until your Space Mountain return time has arrived - whichever comes first - before getting a Splash Mountain FastPass. Note: there are some exceptions to this rule, but the longest you'll have to wait is two hours or when the return times arrives - whichever comes first.
  • Of course, you do not actually have to use your FastPass if you decide not to ride an attraction.


  • Be sure to look at the current return time before getting a FastPass. If it's not a time you'll be able to make, or it's too far in the future, don't get a FastPass. Remember, you won't be able to get another FastPass until that return time has come and you can always wait in the normal (stand-by) line.
  • Pay attention to the length of the stand-by line. If it's not very long, you may be better off just getting in line and not getting a FastPass.
  • If the length of time from now to the return time is approximately the same as the length of the stand-by line, consider getting a FastPass then waiting in the stand-by line. Then, when you get finish the attraction, go to the FastPass Return entrance, present your FastPass and ride a second time with a very short wait.

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-- Last Updated 12/25/2006