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Pass the Plate, An Interstitial Series About Healthy Food Choices, to Premiere on Dinsey Channels Worldwide

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Pass the Plate, An Interstitial Series About Healthy Food Choices, to Premiere on Dinsey Channels Worldwide

(October 22, 2007) Disney Channel will premiere a daily series of interstitials, "Pass the Plate," designed to help kids and their families understand more about healthy foods, beginning today, MONDAY, OCTOBER 22 on Disney Channels around the world. Rotating on-air each day, the segments will be presented in multiple languages with subtitles. The announcement was made today by Rich Ross, President, Disney Channel Worldwide. In the U.S., "Pass the Plate" will premiere during the #1 basic cable series for Kids 6-14, "Hannah Montana" (7:00-7:30 p.m., ET/PT) today.

Ross said, "We want our programming to reflect and recognize that everyone shares a responsibility to encourage kids and families to adopt healthy lifestyles; Our ongoing healthy kids initiatives, led by Kelly Pena, and especially 'Pass the Plate,' led by Jill Hotchkiss, represent our global team's effort to both inform and empower our viewers, showing them how kids just like them around the world enjoy and benefit from healthy foods."

The international series, produced in association with Disney Channels in 10 countries, is presented to inspire kids and tweens to lead the way to healthier lifestyles; it shares cultural and historical facts about food and cooking, and highlights kids assisting in the preparation of their own meal.

Hosted by actress Brenda Song (of Disney Channel's hit series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"), the multicultural "Pass the Plate" series features young stars in Argentina, Australia, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, each telling a story about interesting ways to eat healthy foods in their culture and their families.

As each recipe is showcased, it will be available at the #1 entertainment website for kids age 6-14, DisneyChannel.com (at www.DisneyChannel.com/passtheplate), where kids and families can access information to adopt healthier lifestyles through good nutrition and physical activity. Included will be a look at how different cultures prepare the same nutritious foods plus interesting facts, pictures, videos and games that further the healthy lifestyle theme.

Each of the six segments focuses on the exposition, preparation and health benefits of one food item mangoes, rice, fish, tomatoes, bananas and spinach -- and takes viewers across the globe on a tour of how these foods are enjoyed by kids and families in each country. Family recipe examples are a Mango, Spinach and Chicken Salad from the U.S., Sliced Mango on a Stick from Mexico, a Mango Lassi from India, a Beef Mango Stir Fry From China and a Fruity Icy Pole from Australia.

Culinary educator David Glickman, who helps people of all ages overcome fears and frustrations in the kitchen by teaching them the how's and whys of food preparation, is a consultant to the "Pass the Plate" series.

Featured are: Brenda Song, Jack Pearson, Alicia Banit and Deniz Akdenzi (of Disney Channel Australia); Lv Yun and Chi Shuai (of Disney's Dragon Club in China); Sonia and Sunny Malhotra (of Disney Channel India); Manon Azem and Come Levin (of Disney Channel France); Giulio Rubinelli (of Disney Channel Italy); pop group Bless 4 (for Disney Channel Japan); Daniel Martins, Federico Di lorio and Robson Nunes dos Santos (of Disney Channel Argentina); Paulina and David Holguin Garcia (of Disney Channel Mexico), Rondell and Isha (for Disney Channel South Africa) and Sydney White and Gregg Sulkin (of Disney Channel UK).

Disney Channel, Toon Disney and ABC Kids employ programming guidelines to model behavior that demonstrates good nutrition and physical activity. These guidelines help inform every type of programming including animation, live-action, short form programming/interstitials, and original movies. At least one episode of each series currently in production centers on a healthy lifestyle theme. Episodes of "Hannah Montana," "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and "That's So Raven" and over 100 interstitials have been dedicated to encouraging healthier lifestyles.

"Pass the Plate" is a production of Riverstreet Productions.


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-- Posted October 23, 2007