John Stamos Guest Stars on ABC’s Galavant
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ABC News is reporting that Full House star and famous Disney fan John Stamos will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of ABC’s Galavant.

“We are absolutely thrilled that John Stamos is joining us on the series as Galavant’s longtime rival — a dashing knight who squares off against him once more in a local joust,” executive producer Dan Fogelman told ABC News in a statement. “We’ve wanted John to do an arc on this show since inception.”

Galavant is a musical-comedy series featuring music by Disney Legend Alan Menken. The show is produced by Dan Fogelman was a writer on Bolt and Tangled as well as produced ABC’s The Neighbors. 

KaBOOM! Play Together Tour Powered by Disney Parks Brings Playtime to Families Across the United States
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From coast to coast and points in between, the KaBOOM! Play Together Tour powered by Disney Parks will travel to six cities across America for fun-filled family play events that encourage meaningful connections between children and the influential adults in their lives.

The free events, which kick-off August 16-17 in Anaheim, will feature a playful obstacle course designed by Disney Imagineers. Families will design their team flags and make their way through the various games and team-building stations to build tunnels, solve puzzles, and play together. Once they have finished, they can enjoy the imagination play zone and explore family volunteering opportunities.

While there is no doubt to the importance of quality family time, research supported by Disney Parks and completed by the Search Institute and Center for Childhood Creativity has underscored the powerful influence that spending meaningful time together has on a child’s success in school and involvement in their community.

We are thrilled to work with Disney once again and provide another creative way in which families can spend meaningful and playful bonding time together,” said KaBOOM! CEO and Founder Darell Hammond. “At KaBOOM!, we advocate for the balanced and active play kids need to thrive, and are excited to present this unique opportunity for families.”

“For nearly 60 years, we’ve made our mark creating places where families can connect and spend meaningful time together,” said Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs. “Through our work with KaBOOM!, we are able to bring that expertise to communities around the country to help nurture, inspire, and empower kids and families.”

To register and join the fun, families can visit The dates and locations of each tour stop, slated to run from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. each day, are:

Anaheim – Center Street Promenade     Saturday/Sunday, August 16-17

Sacramento – location TBC                        Wednesday, August 20

San Francisco – Marina Middle School Saturday/Sunday, August 23-24

Chicago, Lincoln Park, Grove 2                Saturday/Sunday, August 30-31

Atlanta, Old 4th Ward Skate Park           Saturday/Sunday, September 6-7

Kissimmee, Mill Run Park                           Saturday/Sunday, September 13-14


To see family stories, highlights, and surprises from this summer’s KaBOOM! Play Together Tour, follow KaBOOM! on Facebookand Twitter or join the conversation using #playfulfamily. Read more about the research complied by the Search Institute and Center for Childhood Creativity at

S.H.I.E.L.D. Comic Inspired by TV Series Coming This December
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High-tech weaponry. High-stakes missions. High-octane adventure! This is S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 – the all-new in-continuity Marvel series inspired by the hit ABC television show! Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid (Daredevil) brings you a new series that explodes off the page with done-in-one missions each drawn by some of the top artists in the industry including Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis, Chris Sprouse and more!

“[S.H.I.E.L.D.] has the best toys,” says series writer Mark Waid, in an interview with “And the best allies – anyone and everyone in the Marvel Universe is a potential guest-star in this book, from Dr. Strange to the Thing to Spider-Man to Cloak and Dagger to Groot – if they’ve got the skills needed for the task at hand, they’re on the front lines (like it or not).”

Leading the charge is special Agent Phil Coulson, as he brings together the best and brightest, the gifted and the elite – normal people and superhumans alike from all corners of the Marvel Universe! If you’ve got the skills, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a mission for you! Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, Skye, Melinda May, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and more team up with the Marvel Universe’s most iconic characters each and every issue to confront, combat and curtail cataclysmic threats and world threatening dangers beyond the scope of any conventional peace-keeping force!

“We’ve got what amounts to an unlimited budget and the ability to bring in any character at any time,” says Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “So that’s an advantage that we’re going to press, with the most spectacular set-pieces we can dream up, and involvement from characters from every corner of the Marvel Universe.”

Each and every issue: One mission. Twenty pages. Non-stop action. Guest stars from across the Marvel Universe. And a helper monkey. Hold on to your hats Agent, as S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 brings thrilling espionage and high-octane superhero action to comic shops and digital devices this December!

Frozen Trailer Lawsuit To Move Forward
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Kelly Wilson’s lawsuit against Disney claiming that the original Frozen trailer infringes on the copyright of her animated short “The Snowman” will be moving forward. District Judge Vince Chhabriadenied Disney’s claim to have the lawsuit dismissed. In his dismissal of Disney’s motion to dismiss he points out the similarities between the two works:

Both works are animated shorts that depict the following sequence of events: (i) asnowman loses his carrot nose; (ii) the nose slides out to the middle of a frozen pond; (iii) thesnowman is on one side of the pond and an animal who covets the nose is on the other; (iv) thecharacters engage in a contest to get to the nose first; (v) the screen pans back and forth from thesnowman to the animal, set to music, as they endeavor to get to the nose; (vi) the contest continueswhen the snowman and the animal arrive at the nose at the same time; (vii) the animal ends upwith the nose, leaving the snowman (and the viewer) to wonder if the snowman’s nose will become food for the animal; and (viii) in the end, the animal returns the nose to the snowman.Such a detailed sequence of events from the start to the finish of the works could be found by a reasonable juror to constitute the artistic expression of an idea, rather than merely a generic idea or series of generic ideas

He did approve two Disney motions including one that claims that because the trailer infringes and another claiming that all of the trailers infringe on her copyright.

With the judge denying the dismissal of the suit, it is presumed that the matter will go to a jury unless both sides agree on a settlement.

Epcot Announces Two New Options For Food and Wine Festival
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Epcot Food & Wine Festival – Late Nights LIVE! street party will run from 9:45 p.m. to 1 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday during the festival between the United Kingdom Pavilion and World Showcase Plaza. The event includes six tastes (food and beverages) from select marketplaces, live music, entertainment, and a DJ. Cost is $79, plus tax.

The second is the Epcot Food & Wine Festival Premium Package and is exclusive to Walt Disney World Resort Guests (including Swan and Dolphin). The package includes an in-room gift with wine for guests 21 and older, a festival wine glass, truffles and credential for the Premium Package Areas at the festival – plus an Epcot International Food & Wine Festival MagicBand and a $50 Disney Gift Card. The credential gives access to 10 VIP “Premium Package Areas” around World Showcase Promenade where you can order items from Marketplaces and have them delivered to you. It also included access to one of the Late Nights LIVE! street parties. The cost is $199.

For the Late Nights LIVE! tickets call 407-939-3378.

For the Premium Package call 407-939-1889.


Marvel Announces Scarlet Spiders Limited Series
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Scarlet_Spiders_1 Bagley_Variant

This November, Kaine, the Ultimate Universe’s Jessica Drew, and an alternate universe Ben Reilly undertake a quest to stop the evil behind the events of Spider-Verse once and for all — a quest so dangerous that not all of them will make it out alive!

“Obviously I can’t give too much away just yet, but the group inSCARLET SPIDERS plays a very important role in stopping Morlun,” Editor Devin Lewis tells “Without this group of three and their mission, there’s a decent chance that the Spider-Men from across the multiverse won’t even survive Morlun’s assault.”

In addition to stopping one of the most fearsome spider-villains in recent years, our heroes will have to learn to cope with one another and that even though they are clones of Peter Parker, they still come from different universes and boast distinctly different personalities.

“Kaine really serves as the entry point for readers to this group,” Lewis elaborates. “He’s a mainstay in the Marvel Universe, now, so that gives him a unique perspective on the events of Spider-Verse as they unfold.

“The Ben Reilly in this story is from a universe where Peter Parker never returned from his time in Oregon during the Clone Saga,” he continues. “When we were having our first conversations on the phone, Mike [Costa] was intent on working out who this guy is. How does he think? What’s his outlook and how is it different from the Peter Parker we all know and love?”

“Ultimate Jessica Drew has already had a pretty rough go of it herself, and one of the things Mike and I discussed and were intent on bringing to the fore was her sense of identity, especially now that she has seen there’s a multiverse rife with Spider-People,” concludes Lewis.

SCARLET SPIDER #1 arrives in local comic book retailers this November and will also include a code for a free digital copy of the very same comic on the Marvel Comics App for iOS and Android devices.

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