E:60 Wraps Up Its Fall Season with Profile of Cam Newton
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ESPN’s award-winning news magazine, E:60, wraps up its fall season of news magazine shows Tuesday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN with an in-depth profile of Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton, an investigative piece regarding the United States Air Force Academy and its football team, and an inspiring story about a boy with a rare disease, his three-legged dog, and their incredible bond.


Cam Newton is used to being number one. He was the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He led his Auburn Tigers to the 2010 BCS National Championship. That season he also won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award and the Davey O’Brien Award, given to the nation’s top quarterback. Even his jersey with the Panthers is #1. It’s been this way since his father pushed him into youth football, and since he starred as a high school quarterback in Atlanta. Greatness has been always been expected of Newton. But now in his fourth season with Carolina, many are wondering if he will reach the same heights in the NFL. Reporting for E:60, Cari Champion tells the story of the immensely talented Cam Newton, to whom much was given, and of whom even more is expected. Newton recounts, along with his father, the past incidents that cast doubt upon his integrity, and describes the maturation that could ultimately deliver the NFL success so many expect.


This is not supposed to happen at a US military academy. After all, these are institutions where the nation’s future military leaders are shaped, schools that pride themselves on codes of conduct and honor. And yet, the United States Air Force Academy and its football team are embroiled in a controversy that places them in stark contrast to everything they stand for. Eager to root out sexual assault and drug abuse among cadets, in 2011 the Air Force created a secret network of informants to gather information. One of those informants was Eric Thomas, a member of the Academy’s soccer team. The information Thomas provided led to the convictions of three football players and included the first successful prosecutions of sexual assault at the academy in more than a decade. But not long afterward, the program was shut down, and Thomas was expelled for actions, he claims, were part of his work as an informant. According to Thomas and his Air Force handler, top players “seemed very well protected” and as soon as they were implicated in wrongdoing, military leadership sought to end the program. The Air Force disputes Thomas’ version of events and the reasons for his expulsion. E:60’s Jeremy Schaap reports on the debate raging over the program labelled Operation Gridiron, its use of informants, and whether members of the Air Force football team received preferential treatment.


This is a story about a boy and his dog…but not just any boy, and not just any dog. Together, Owen and Haatchi, with their improbable winning streak and their remarkable bond, are like nothing you have ever seen. Owen Howkins is a nine-year old English boy with Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a condition that affects fewer than 50 people worldwide and causes intense muscle cramping and pain. Owen’s disease led him to withdraw from the world and left him isolated and lonely. Enter Haatchi, an abandoned Anatolian Shepherd, a mountain of a dog, with a story of his own. Haatchi had been beaten and left on a railway line to die. He lost one of his hind legs, but survived and ended up in an animal shelter. That is where Owen’s parents, looking to find a companion for their son, found him. They rescued Haatchi and from the first moment he met Owen, the boy was transformed. They became best friends. They entered a local dog show — in the category of best rescue dog — and won. They kept winning and eventually made it to the biggest dog show in the United Kingdom. As E:60’s Tom Rinaldi finds out, along the way, through friendship and love, Owen and Haatchi have uplifted one another and inspired a nation. This is a story about a boy and his dog —and a whole lot more.

PANDORA Launches Disney Collection
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Magic is in-store this holiday season, as PANDORA Jewelry unveils its Disney collection of original jewelry pieces. Created in collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, the beautifully designed assortment inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved characters will be available at PANDORA concept stores, as well as select Walt Disney Parks and Resorts merchandise locations.

The new collection includes sterling silver and 14K gold charms that combine the quality and craftsmanship of PANDORA with the whimsy of Disney designs. Many of the new pieces are inspired by the iconic images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, including sterling silver character dangles, which can be added to a PANDORA bracelet or worn on a necklace for a touch of timeless Disney style. Hand-blown Murano glass charms featuring playful Mickey Mouse details and Minnie Mouse’s signature style, add pops of color and pattern to necklaces, bracelets and bangles.

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PANDORA introduces several new pave charms as part of the collection, including Mickey and Minnie dangles, sterling silver character clips and an openwork charm featuring Mickey Mouse’s instantly recognizable silhouette.

“PANDORA’s new Disney collection will excite consumers and give them a new way to inspire others,” said Beth Moeri, chief merchandising officer, PANDORA, Americas. “The new pieces, inspired by classic Disney characters, celebrate those whimsical moments that can make the everyday feel magical.”


“Disney Consumer Products works with best-in-class licensees to develop high quality products and the collaboration with PANDORA is a shining example,” said Josh Silverman, executive vice president of global licensing for Disney Consumer Products. “PANDORA’s beautiful jewelry collection featuring Mickey and Minnie is a great way for consumers to be stylish and on trend while celebrating the characters they know and love.”

The new collection also includes charms that commemorate aspirational elements of the PANDORA and Disney brands, including two-tone “Believe” and “Dream” openwork designs and a sterling silver “Be Magical” heart.


The initial launch of the co-branded collection will include 25 pieces, which will be sold at PANDORA concept stores throughout the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean. Pieces from the new collection start at $40.

To discover the new Disney collection from PANDORA, visit PANDORA.net.

Look at Oaken in Once Upon a Time
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Oaken from Frozen will make an appearance in the next episode of Once Upon a Time. In the episode, “Family Business,” the race is on to track down the elusive Snow Queen, who was once a foster mother to a young Emma – whose memories of this event have been erased – in order to discover what her ultimate end game is for Elsa and the residents of Storybrooke, and unaware that she does not possess the real blade that controls The Dark One, Belle attempts to use it to get her reluctant husband to show her where the Snow Queen is hiding. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle travels to Arendelle and, with Anna’s help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain her lost memories in order to discover the fate of her mother, on “Once Upon a Time,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.DARCEY JOHNSON


OLC Announces Major Expansion for Tokyo Disney Resort
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Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that plans for the further development of Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® Parks have been decided. The plans, outlined in the Oriental Land Group’s “2016 Medium-Term Business Plan” (for the period of March 2015 through March 2017) announced on April 28, include a 500 billion yen level of investment in the theme park business over the next ten years.

The plan for Tokyo Disneyland Park centers on the redevelopment of Fantasyland, which will nearly double the size of
the themed land. Work on implementing this large-scale area development has already begun. In addition to the renovation of the existing Fantasyland, major new attractions, restaurants and shops are being considered for installation in the expansion site.

Under consideration for Tokyo DisneySea Park is the development of a new themed port in the expansion site located south of Lost River Delta. This eighth themed port will include major new attractions, restaurants and shops.

Oriental Land will also further invest in the two Parks in multiple ways: renovation or creation of attractions and entertainment programs; development of hardware that will enhance the Guest experience in the Parks; further improvement of restaurants; easing of congestion; development of measures to protect Guests from hot and cold weather; and other ways of to make a more comfortable environment for all Guests. Furthermore, investment will be made to strengthen the theme parks’ “backstage” support functions and operational base.

In addition to the above investment in infrastructure, Oriental Land will continue to raise the level of hospitality provided by Cast Members, which is vital to the Disney theme parks, by strengthening human resources development and raising employee satisfaction to an even higher level.

Smithsonian To Present Traveling Exhibit Of Star Wars Costumes
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Iconic costumes from “a galaxy far, far away” are presented in the Smithsonian traveling exhibition, Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume. The exhibition will begin a 12-city national tour at EMP Museum in Seattle where it will be on view Jan. 31 through Oct. 4, 2015.

Culled from the collection of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume is a partnership of the museum, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and Lucasfilm. George Lucas imagined and created a fantastical world filled with dynamic characters who told the timeless story of the hero’s journey. The costumes shaped the identities of these now famous characters, from the menacing black mask of Darth Vader and the gilded suit of C-3PO, to the lavish royal gowns of Queen Amidala and a bikini worn by Princess Leia when enslaved by Jabba the Hutt.


“Craftsmanship and artistry in costume design are valued creative components in the Star Wars saga,” said Lucas. “The detailed precision of a design can be as bold a measure of storytelling as words on a page, leading to truths at the core of a character, situation or shared history. From initial concept drawings to complex physical constructions, the costumes featured in this exhibition serve to further define crucial aspects of worlds created to move, educate and entertain us—to inspire the imagination.”


Presenting 60 of the finest hand-crafted costumes from the first six blockbuster Star Wars films, the exhibition uncovers the challenges, the intricate processes and the remarkable artistry of Lucas, the concept artists and costume designers. The costumes reflect an eclectic mix of cultural, historical and mythical sources that add rich texture to the story. Through nine presentational “chapters”—Introduction: Dressing a Galaxy; Jedi versus Sith: Form, Function and Design; Concept and Design for Royalty and Beyond; Symbolism and Military Power; Outlaws and Outsiders; All Corners of the Galaxy: The Galactic Senate; After the Throne: Padmé’s Journey; Darth Vader: Iconic Villain; and Droid™ Design: C-3PO and R2-D2—visitors will explore the creative process from Lucas’s vision through concept drawings by artists such as Ralph McQuarrie and Iain McCaig, to the final costume designs of John Mollo and Trisha Biggar, among others.

Featured costumes include the:

  • Monk-like robes of Jedi masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker
  • Intimidating suit and complex breathing apparatus of Darth Vader
  • Military-influenced uniforms of the Imperial Stormtrooper, Senate Guard and TIE Fighter Pilot
  • Yak hair and mohair costume of the towering Wookiee Chewbacca
  • Intergalactic outfits of Senators Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and Mas Amedda
  • Fierce armor of mercenary bounty hunters Jango Fett, Boba Fett and Zam Wesell
  • Elaborately detailed gowns of Queen Amidala, Queen Jamillia and their handmaidens


Short films in Star Wars and The Power of Costume provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and include interviews with artists, designers and actors. The visitor experience will be enhanced by interactive flip books featuring sketches, photographs and notes that capture the creative team’s inspiration and vision.

Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume is the third exhibition on which SITES has collaborated with Lucasfilm. Previous projects were Star Wars: The Magic of Myth and Star Wars: The Art of the Starfighter.

First Disney Springs Parking Structure Set To Open
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According to the Orlando Sentinel, the first guests are scheduled to park in the first of two Disney Springs parking structures on November 20. Cast Members will park in the structures prior to this as the structure ramps up capacity. This news has been much anticipated as the parking situation in Disney Springs has become quite difficult once construction began.

Marvel Teases Future Imperfect
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The latest Marvel teaser is here. The next story teased for Summer 2015 is Future Imperfect. The image teases a storyline involving the Hulk in the future. This is the latest Summer 2015 teaser in a long line of images whose connection has yet to be revealed.

Disney and GameMill Release Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay for Nintendo 3DS and DS
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Disney Interactive teamed up with GameMill Entertainment to bring together the unlikely, unstoppable champions of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming superhero film, “Big Hero 6,” for a new video game adventure. Set outside the events of the movie, Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay is a side-scrolling action and platforming experience launching on the Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ handheld systems today.

Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay assembles every member of this team of misfits to thwart a battlebot invasion in their hometown, SanFransokyo. The game features four playable characters – robotics whiz kid Hiro Hamada and his friends, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi and Fred – with fellow squad mates Baymax and Honey Lemon appearing along the way for support. Each level is designed to show off their unique powers, from Hiro’s platforming prowess to GoGo’s speed and more, providing varied approaches to navigating hazardous environments, discovering hidden items, and surviving showdowns against enemy bosses. The full adventure contains 20 story levels across the city, with a special Challenge Mode version of each stage available for a true test of superhero skill.

Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay is now available on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS for $29.99 each. This title is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and Up) by the ESRB. Disney’s “Big Hero 6” movie arrives in theaters on November 7. For more information on GameMill’s published products, please visit www.game-mill.com.