The heat is on isn’t it? Well OK that may be a slight exaggeration but after the last 48 hours or so – it is going to feel like you’ve been whisked away to a tropical paradise. Temperatures soar back into the mid 60s todays for highs and even the lows will be bearable (Hoop Dee Do reference) as we stay in the mid 40s late tonight into the morning hours.

Temperatures will actually continue to warm through the weekend when tomorrow we flirt with 70 and by Saturday and Sunday we’ll stick around the mid 70s with clouds and sun.  AS the temperatures go up so does the cloud cover so expect more flat out sun today than over the weekend but things will still look nice.  Cool dry air gives you those gorgeous bluebird days over the castle – and in fact I retweeted a beautiful picture from Magic Kingdom yesterday with a wonderful looking sky!

As it is the “Dry” season throughout Florida I don’t expect any appreciable shower activity through the weekend though some models are suggesting some rain by mid week next week – it is a bit too early to go out that far and we’ll revisit as we get closer.

It’s safe to say Blizzard Beach will have plenty of people clamoring to get in this weekend!