OK I am going to keep this brief because this is one of those silly Mother Nature days where she wants us to look just a lil silly…you see the cold front that was heading towards Walt Disney World slowed down considerably and what will happen now is that as it approaches the area it just isn’t packing much of a punch at all whatsoever.  So good news for you = not great news for my accuracy in forecasting … frustrating to say the least.  Now don’t let your guard down just yet because there is still a chance for showers Wednesday it just looks like they will come a little later in the day if at all.  Temperatures will be well above “normal” and will get into the mid to upper 70s.  Those shower chances continue into Wednesday night but things look pretty good for the rest of the week.

Lows Wed night into Thursday morning should only get into the low 50s and then on Thursday I expect the sun to return though there may be some clouds in the morning.  It will be a cold front – so it will be cooler but the official high still calls for 70 on Thursday and then the good news is that we rebound nicely into the end of the week and weekend and we are flirting with 80s by Saturday (translation – a far cry from last week :-))!