YUCK!  Does that about cover it?  Just YUCK … that’s your forecast.

After a less than stellar weekend, the YUCK continues into the start of the new week.  We will struggle to get out of the 50s and the rain will continue to fall as yet another system rolls in.  Winter weather isn’t out of the question as you get up in elevation as well so watch out for that.

As far as visiting Disney goes – how about you wait until Tuesday … or better yet Wednesday.  Because as bad as things have been the last few days Mother Nature must understand because she’s about to do something about it.  A big change is coming and I think you will like it.

Once we get through the rain – the sun looks to return Tuesday with highs in the upper 60s, but then the real fun begins and the rest of the week looks pretty nice.

Sunny skies and highs around 80 are what we are looking at Wednesday and Thursday – so make sure you didn’t lose those sunglasses and get ready to carry this HOPEFULLY right on into the next weekend.