IMG_3678Yes it is that time again…Epcot Egg Hunt! For just over $5.00 you purchase a map and get a chance to go and hunt the eggs all around the World Showcase. Now if you want to do the hunt or simply take your map to the Port of Entry shop and redeem it is up to you, either way you get to keep your map and stickers and pick one of 6 eggs to keep. IMG_3714

IMG_3717Okay before I go any further, let me put this warning up for those of you that want to take part this year!IMG_25685





Now that you have decided you don’t mind spoilers here is a look at this years eggs and their placements around the World Showcase. We will start with Canada and work our way to Mexico.

Before we move on, let us pause and take in a beautiful picture of Spaceship Earth and the Torii Gate in Japan!IMG_3691

Before we head around the final bend, here is another one of those pictures that just are fun to look at!IMG_3698

Before we head on to Mexico here is a bit of news, this wall is where the future expansion of Norway (Frozen meet and greet) will be. It was the empty lot between Norway and Mexico where at one time they had the viking ship play area.

IMG_3706Now for our final egg…

Now for those of you playing along at home your map should look like this!IMG_3715Now head to the redemption location and pick up your own egg!IMG_3716Now while I love this event because it is small and inexpensive the thing that I really don’t get is why Walt Disney World has the Mr. Toad and Tinkerbell eggs from Disneyland but no Figment!!! But anyway one last parting shot.IMG_3719And remember “Be Eggcellent to each other!”