The stuffed animal industry will never be the same! First there was Tsum Tsum, which squished Disney characters into small ovals, forcing them to get on their bellies like Snowflake (EEEE EEE EEE!). The craze from Japan was so huge that you can find non-Disney knock-offs from Ty and other toy companies in Walgreens stores across the country. And now, Disney Japan reinvents the plush wheel a second time. Things are about to get Ufufy.

What is Ufufy? I would describe them as egg-shaped upright versions of Disney characters. In other words, it’s similar to a Tsum Tsum, but different enough. Those who felt the Tsum Tsums were too far removed from the original characters will appreciate the fact that Ufufys stand upright, sitting on a flat bottom below their widdle footsies. Wook at them! These little chubsters aren’t going anywhere fast anytime soon.

America’s first wave of Ufufys bares a striking resemblance to the first domestic wave of Tsum Tsums. We have Mickey Mouse and his core friends (Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, and Minnie – who I didn’t get in my review kit), all available in the standard 4.5-inch size. Chip and Dale were also released as a 2-inch 2-pack and Mickey/Minnie can also be purchased in the smaller size. Winnie the Pooh and his core pals (Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore) are part of the collection (2-inch Pooh/Piglet set also available). And two characters so popular they can never be left out, Stitch and Marie. Pooh and Donald are also available in a larger 12-inch size. Looking at the Japanese debut wave, the US is not getting Dumbo or Cheshire Cat this time around, and Chip and Dale were also released in the 4.5-inch size. But there’s eBay…

What really sets Ufufys and Tsum Tsums apart is the fact that Ufufys are scented. Yes, Tsum Tsums have occasionally dabbled with scented characters, but it’s not a standard feature like it is here. However, I was a bit disappointed that they are all the same scent: Apple Blossoms. It’s a lovely aroma, but some variety would have been nice. I’m not that opinionated, but Minnie should smell like strawberries, Mickey like cherries, Goofy like oranges, Donald like blueberries, Pooh like hunny, Tigger like maple syrup, and Eeyore like loneliness. But as I write this, I’m huffing a Goofy Ufufy so honestly, don’t listen to me. Also don’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence of Ufufy fumes.

Ufuffys have a pastel color scheme, so the black of Mickey’s ears ends up a soft brown. Every character has a tiny bit of blush on their cheeks, which is super adorable. Stitch looks so handsome with rouge and Ru Paul agrees. Shantay you stay, Stitch!

Everything about the Ufufy esthetic speaks to my inner child. And now that I’m an adult, nobody is going to tell my inner child “No.” What I mean is, I’m going to spend all of my money on Ufufy and Tsum Tsums and when I inevitably end up homeless as a result, I’m going to build the cutest fort under an overpass that is completely made of Tsum Tsums and Ufufys. It’s going to be so comfortable and adorable and I’m actually excited about it, so don’t come at me.

If you don’t understand where I’m coming from, know this. I was an early adopter of Pook-A-Looz and have the complete set (remember those?). I bought my Duffy Bear the day he came out in the US and his wardrobe is bigger than mine. I also had to get him a few friends, like Shellie-May, Gelatoni, and StellaLou (STELLA!!!). I’ve been collecting Tsum Tsums since day one and yes, they have taken over my entire house. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been waiting my whole life for Ufufy. Bring. It. On!

You can get into the Ufufy spirit over at Shop Disney (the e-shop formerly known as Disney Store). The ultimate questions is, do you really need these? The obvious answer to that questions is yes, you are incomplete without them. Dig deep inside your soul, you know it’s true. So fix yourself with Ufufy like I did!!!