Step aside, Ken Bone — the internet has a new obsession and it’s Service Dog Getting His Caricature in Disneyland (OK, admittedly kind of a lengthy title). Dog, as we’ll call this hero for now, was recently spotted in Downtown Disney patiently posing while the caricature artist completed his sketch. A photo of this unexpected and adorable moment was promptly posted on social media and spread quickly thanks to features on Buzzfeed and other sites.

According to Buzzfeed, Dog actually has a name that’s pretty perfect considering his new internet fame: Yahoo. The patient pup is still in training and this was actually part of an obedience test that includes sitting and listening. Yahoo’s training is expected to be completed by February 2017, at which point he’ll be able to perform such tasks as push a wheelchair and turn on/off a light switch.

Thankfully for all of us Yahoo’s trainers also passed along some extra photos of the canine’s day in the park to Buzzfeed including the finished caricature:

We love you, Yahoo!