Since its release in 1998, Mulan has become a beloved film but not nearly to the heights of other Disney classics made earlier in the decade such as Aladdin or The Lion King. However, the flick has gotten a boost in the past few months thanks to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland (where the character is fairly well featured), the movie's arrival on Hulu, and, coming soon, a special Lunar New Year tag being added to World of Color for a limited time.

Now a group of Mulan fans is making a splash, as their reenactment of the "Honor to Us All" scene is getting some well-deserved attention online. It's unclear where this video featuring young Chinese women first appeared, but we came across it on a Facebook page called Disney Power and couldn't help but share:

Cute little Chinees kids performing "honor to us all" from Disney's Mulan! 🐉Please like Disney Power! 👍

Posted by Disney Power ️ on Friday, December 23, 2016

So what'd you think? And where in the Disney catalog does Mulan rank for you? Let us know!