Did anyone else get a sense of deja vu while watching Best Picture Oscar winner, The Shape of Water? It seems that some of the plot of the 2017 film kinda resembles another fish-person movie. No we’re not talking about The Little Mermaid, but rather Touchstone’s 1984 movie Splash. Screen Junkies’ The Dailies compared scenes from the films side by side to show the similarities in both stories. Take a look below.

Of course this is all in good fun, and with so many fantastic stories to tell, it’s impossible to not make some comparisons to those that came before. Was Splash the inspiration Guillermo del Toro needed when directing The Shape of Water? It’s unlikely, but we may never know. Regardless, we congratulate The Shape of Water and director and (Oscar winner) Guillermo del Toro on their success at the 90th Academy Awards last night!

The Shape of Water — released by presumably-soon-to-be Disney division Fox Searchlight — won four of the thirteen awards it was nominated for: Best Film, Director, Original Music Score and Production Design. Splash starred Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and Eugene Levy. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

So which of these two films was your favorite? And did you notice any similarities? Let us know!