Lets pause and take a moment to remember the soft cotton pals we’ve lost this past year: our socks. No matter how much care we take when doing our laundry some how those little pairs manage to get split up. What are we to do? Many would suggest saying farewell to the lost sock and turning the remaining one into a puppet or cleaning rag. If you’re a fan of mismatched socks, you could always create your own pairs. Whatever you decide to do, just know you’re not alone. In fact, today is National #LostSockDay.

Lost Sock Day

Celebrate Lost Sock Day

If you’re looking for ways to have fun today, check out TimeAndDate.com for more information about this unofficial holiday. They also share suggestions for how to celebrate and links for other fun holidays.

Disney Lost Socks

In 1927, Walt Disney had worked on a short film starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit titled Empty Socks. This film was the first Christmas-themed short produced by the company, but it was lost for decades. Then in 2014, the long-lost Socks turned up in Norway. The film was found among a private collection that had be donated to the Norwegian Film Institute. During the years it was missing, Disney created another holiday short called Mickey’s Orphans that was considered a remake of Empty Socks with a similar theme.

Follow That Sock in Magic Kingdom

Ok try this one on for size: In 2015, Disney partnered with Hanes and presented fans with a contest to win a trip to Magic Kingdom. All they had to do was help the Sock Family find their lost son, Edwin. Players would opt into the contest and then Edwin’s parents would text them with the updates on Edwin’s whereabouts. He would send his parents “selfies” of where he was and for each correct answer, players would get one or more entries in the contest. This article has all the fun details.

The Perfect Solution

What’s the best thing to do when you lose your socks? Buy new ones! shopDisney has a ton of cute, classy, and cool socks that the whole family will love. Replenish your sock drawers and know it’s gonna be ok.

Happy National Lost Socks Day!



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