For some Disney fans and annual passholders, multiple visits to the parks can get a little redundant. Once you know your way around, some of the magical thrills can be lost. Just as it is with anything else, at times you need to mix things up. This week the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about Disney superfans who’ve upped the ante when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World. Riding all the mountain ranges in a day (Everest, Space, Splash, & Thunder)? Been there done that. Standard park hopping? It’s a thing of the past. These fans are taking on the Parkeology Challenge: riding all 49 rides at Walt Disney World…in one day.

Disclaimer: yes, this video is nearly 4 years old, but it shows just how challenging and difficult a task this can be. 

Parkeology Challenge:

  • First of all, this is not an official Disney challenge. There are no rewards or prizes other than the satisfaction of saying that you’ve conquered every WDW attraction in one day. Parkeology does have a ranking of successfully completed challenges, but it’s all in good fun.
  • The goal of the challenge is to ride every ride in all four parks at WDW during that day’s operating hours. Challengers can use FastPasses and single rider lines to improve their and they can plan ahead and strategize going back to and forth between parks as necessary. However, travel time does eat away at park time.
  • Challengers must remain on the attraction for the entire duration of the ride, they can’t hop on and take a selfie then immediately get off. An official list of rules can be found on the Parkeology website.
  • To participate in the Parkeology Challenge, fans will need to register with the site at least 24 hours in advance of their attempted challenge. This way, upon completion, they can be recognized for their accomplishment.
  • The folks at Parkeology have put together a well thought out challenge and that provides fans with a way to mix things up. Do you have what it takes to conquer WDW49?
  • Parkeology also offers a separate challenge at Disneyland called the DLR54.

Parkeology challenge

What do you think of this challenge? Have you already participated? How did it go?  Let us know!



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