captain marvel

The All-New Marvel NOW! rollout continues with Captain Marvel #1. The book is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by David Lopez and begins the “Higher, Further, Faster. More” arc.

The book is at the same time a continuation of the last Captain Marvel series, also written by DeConnick, and a new chapter. In fact, in many ways this issue is a wrap up of the previous era while teasing a more intergalactic story.

The story begins on Maniaciano Outpost on Planet Ursor 4, but quickly jumps back to earth in flashback. Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers is out with her love interest Iron Patriot, a.k.a. James Rhodes. They discover a capsule with an alien being inside. This, along with other cosmic events occurring in the Marvel Universe, causes Iron Man to feel that there should be an Avenger on intergalactic monitoring duty, and Captain Marvel wants the job.

Most of the rest of the story comprises Carol tieing up loose ends with supporting characters from previous stories as she prepares to go on a one-year space mission. While this sounds a little boring, I actually liked it.

There is not a lot of action in this issue, but I think that is a good thing. The need to have an epic battle in every issue sometimes causes pacing issues in comic books. In is nice to get deeper characterization in a comic book. In fact, I think that is DeConnick’s strength.

It is also nice to see a wrap-up of a previous incarnation of a book. This is probably due to the same writer working on both runs, but often a new take on the comic book throws away the supporting cast and characterization away as it takes the story in a new direction. It is clear that this is a new era of Captain Marvel, but it does not pretend the past did not happen.

The book did tease the new cosmic era of the book that is coming, but we did not really get a feeling of where that storyline is headed. But I think that is ok. It is nice to have a transitional chapter before we take off into the galaxy.

I enjoyed the previous run on the book. It was nice to see a female superhero who was interesting for reasons other than she is a female superhero. It is hard to tell how I will feel about this new era as Carol Danvers’ relationships with her supporting cast was a highlight of the previous run. Taking her away from them is a risky endeavor. It will take some time to see if the risk of ripping her away from all that is familiar will pay off.