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LP Lotion: Remember ... Dreams Come True Disneyland show
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Posted May 3, 2005

Note: If you are going to be seeing this show in the near future, please do not read this. This fireworks experience is an adventure best uncovered and realized in person. Find a spot near the hub and enjoy."

Remember the opening sequence from The Wonderful World of Disney? Tinker Bell glides around the castle, waves her wand and ignites the sky behind Sleeping beauty Castle with a multicolor burst of fireworks. The team behind Disneyland's new fireworks show "Remember...Dreams Come True" brings this and many other cherished memories to life.

With honorary Disneyland ambassador for the 50th Julie Andrews as the show's hostess, "Remember...Dreams Come True", through pyrotechnic displays and audio, transforms Main Street into a dark ride style experience recounting the variety of attractions guests experience through a day at Disneyland. For guests standing in the hub the pyrotechnics are not only in front of you but they are to your left and right and even behind you.

These adventures are framed by the theme "Wishes" which premiered in the Magic Kingdom fireworks show of the same title. Disneyland began as Walt Disney's dream and continues to be a place where dreams come true for all ages.


Nine video clips from throughout the show are available by clicking below.

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Julie Andrews in the opening of Remember Dreams come true asks us to "open our hearts and remember dreams come true." A child solo sings out the hope that all our wishes will come true when we wish upon a star. Ms. Andrews returns to remind us of the many adventures and tales that come to life in this magical place, Disneyland.
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Since it was all started by a mouse, the medley of character wishes begins with Mickey's silhouette high above the castle.
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