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Disney Channel's Zoog Disney Pumps Up the Action of Jett Jackson: The Movie Both On-Air and Online

Disney Channel's Zoog Disney Pumps Up the Action of "Jett Jackson: The Movie" Both On-Air and Online

Disney Channel's Zoog Disney is setting a new benchmark for the convergence of on-air programming and online technology with "Jett Jackson: The Movie."

Zoog Disney will give new meaning to its "TV You Do" concept by hosting a wide range of special on-air/online events leading up to the world premiere of "Jett Jackson: The Movie" on Friday, June 8 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

The largest component to the movie's "TV You Do" experience will be the Silverstone Academy Challenge, a week-long on-air/online gaming event culminating in the premiere of the movie.

The games invite kids to act out the life of a secret agent, like Jett, by training online at the simulated academy of Mission Omega Matrix (M.O.M.), the secret organization that exists in the fictional TV show that Jett stars in called "Silverstone."

Viewers will be encouraged to "Tune in and log on"... that is, "tune in" to Disney Channel at key times for important information that will help them when they "log on" to www.ZoogDisney.com to compete in the online games.

Disney Channel will introduce on-air spots three weeks prior to the movie's premiere, as well as on-air tickering two weeks prior, offering helpful hints and secret codes for the online gaming experience.

On Monday, June 4, kids will have an opportunity to practice their online gaming skills during that day's double episodes of "The Famous Jett Jackson" starting at 4:30 p.m. ET/PT. The real challenge, however, plays out Tuesday, June 5 - Thursday, June 7 from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. ET/PT. Kids will compete live on a different Silverstone Academy game each day during the double-episode airing of the series as they simultaneously watch the high-scores tickered on air! Finally, the high score champions from all three days' events will be announced on air during the world premiere of "Jett Jackson: The Movie."

The Silverstone Academy Challenge may then be finished, but the online adventure will be just getting started! Beginning June 8, the same day as the "Jett Jackson: The Movie" premiere, kids will be able to take their favorite action hero on the road as Disney Channel becomes the first major kids network to offer a fully downloadable PDA game.

Jett Jackson's Silverstone PDA Game -- playable on any Palm OS(R) system, including Palm(TM) Handhelds, Handspring Visor(TM), Sony CLIE(TM) and HandEra(TM) -- will be available at www.ZoogDisney.com. The Games area of the Zoog Disney site will also feature a Shockwave version of the game that is playable online.

In addition to the Silverstone Academy Challenge and Jett Jackson's Silverstone PDA Game, Zoog Disney will have an online area devoted exclusively to "Jett Jackson: The Movie" where users will be able to get a sneak peak at the movie, read about the stars of the film, design their own movie poster and learn how the special effects for the film were created.

From there, kids can visit the all-new, revamped official web site for the series, "The Famous Jett Jackson," where they will have access to all kinds of cool Jett/Silverstone stuff including enhanced vision tools with X-ray or infrared options and a code breaker that allows access to secured areas on the site. They will also be able to send electronic postcards to their friends, collect online trading cards and try their hand at a little Jett Jackson trivia.

"Jett Jackson: The Movie" is the first full-length feature based on the popular Zoog Disney original series, "The Famous Jett Jackson." In this brand new Disney Channel original movie, teenage celebrity Jett finds that he and Silverstone, the secret agent he plays on television, have traded places after Jett has an accident on the set of his TV series.

Now Jett, not Silverstone, must defeat the evil Dr. Kragg, who is using a dimensional field device to steal the major cities of the world, while Silverstone must navigate Jett's tumultuous teenage life. Will Jett and Silverstone find their way back to the realities they once knew? Or will they be stuck in their parallel worlds forever? "Jett Jackson: The Movie" is produced by AAC Kids(TM), Alliance Atlantis' Children's Label, in association with Disney Channel.

Disney Channel's original series "The Famous Jett Jackson" is a coming of age adventure series about a teenage television star (Lee Thompson Young) who longs to have a normal life. Jett leaves Hollywood behind and moves back to rural North Carolina to live with his father (Gordon Green), who is the local sheriff, and his great-grandmother (Montrose Hagins).

However, the simple life is out of reach for Jett, whose friends and fans expect him to live up to the image of Silverstone, the heroic character he plays on television. The series is produced by Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. and JP Kids in association with Disney Channel.

Disney Channel's Zoog Disney is an innovative, interactive programming block for tweens best characterized by the catchphrase, "TV You Do!" Kids watch Zoog Disney on television and extend the experience online at www.ZoogDisney.com. A group of hilarious, quirky characters, the Zoogs, guide kids through this experience both on TV and on the Internet.

-- Posted May 30, 2001

Source: Company press release