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Tokyo DisneySea Food & Art Festival September 12 to October 31, 2007

Tokyo DisneySea Food & Art Festival
Disney à la Carte
September 12 to October 31, 2007

Tokyo DisneySea Park will host the Tokyo DisneySea Food & Art Festival “Disney à la Carte? during the autumn season. This parkwide event will feature special menus and various art programs à la style of Disney.

For “dining entertainment,? two restaurants within the Park will be transformed for the occasion. Cafe Portofino will become “Festa Pinocchio,? based on the Disney film Pinocchio, decorated with Stromboli’s delightful marionettes and offering special menus for the event. The fun-loving Genie from the Disney film Aladdin will make over Casbah Food Court into “Chef Genie,? offering Genie’s special menus in a whimsical atmosphere. The city of New York in American Waterfront will be the scene of the “New York International Fair? with international food wagons set up around Waterfront Park, which guests can enjoy while taking in top-class street performances from around the world. In addition, the Park will also offer selections of wine and cheese, select beer from Central America, a coffee seminar for making the perfect cup of coffee, special wines and original cocktails for the event, and special desserts. All restaurants within the Park will also offer special menus during this period.

“Art entertainment? programs will include a special version of “Big Band Beat? featuring a guest appearance by Japanese actress and artist Nao Matsushita and a photo contest on the theme of “Disney à la Carte.? The Park will also offer special merchandise with designs of Minnie Mouse enjoying food and music at Tokyo DisneySea in autumn. There will also be a series of “Tokyo Disney Resort Artist Collection? merchandise featuring designs by 12 Disney theme park artists, as well as products created in collaboration with Nao Matsushita and the Lazy Susan brand.

Dining Entertainment

Restaurants with a special theme

Festa Pinocchio Location: Cafe Portofino
Cafe Portofino will be transformed for Disney à la Carte into Festa Pinocchio. Themed to the Disney classic film Pinocchio, the restaurant interior will feature Pinocchio, marionettes and other decorations reminiscent of Stromboli’s theater as it appeared in the film. Musicians serenading guests with the film’s theme song, “When You Wish Upon a Star,? and taste-tempting special menus will also make for an entertaining dining experience.

Chef Genie Location: Casbah Food Court

The Genie from Disney’s Aladdin will work his magic on the Casbah Food Court. When guests enter the restaurant themed for the event as Chef Genie, they will be greeted by decorations of Genie dressed as a chef. Guests will find “magic lamps,? “Arabian palaces? and other designs when they dine on the special menus “produced? by Genie.

New York International Fair
The New York area of American Waterfront will feature an autumn festival in and around Waterfront Park. Food wagons in the area will offer international dishes including snacks that guests can enjoy while walking about and watching performances by acrobats, jugglers, pantomime artists, and other top-level, international street performers and musicians. In addition, a special international buffet will be served at Sailing Day Buffet.

Food Fairs
Guests can enjoy a special selection of cheese and wine at Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante in Mediterranean Harbor. Over at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina and Yucatan Base Camp Grill in Lost River Delta, guests can take in live Latin music together with beer. These three restaurants will serve special menu items that pair well with wine or beer.

Special Menus
Guests will find a variety of special menus, including special sets that come in special lunch boxes, special desserts with souvenir cups and special cocktails. Also being offered will be wine with an original label and sweets produced in collaboration with a well-know confectionery brand. Guests will certainly enjoy many dining experiences fit for an autumn festival.


Special Merchandise
Merchandise with designs showing Minnie Mouse enjoying the food and music at Tokyo DisneySea in autumn will be available at the Park. Various products related to “food? will be offered, as well as sweets, snacks and other items developed for the “Disney à la Carte? event.

Tokyo Disney Resort Artist Collection
“Tokyo Disney Resort Artist Collection,? which started in 2006, will be back again this year. Twelve artists for the Disney theme parks will provide their own unique and creative designs that will be offered on selections of postcards, thermal mugs and tote bags.

Postcard 200 Yen
Thermal mug 2,000 Yen
Tote bags 3,800 Yen

Collaborative Merchandise
Actress Nao Matsushita, Lazy Susan (Japanese brand offering gifts and household items) and Tokyo DisneySea will create special collaborative items for the event, realizing a unique amalgamation of these three distinct elements.

Disney à la Carte Special Version of “Big Band Beat?

A one-day special version of “Big Band Beat? with Nao Matsushita*, a celebrated Japanese actress and artist, will be presented at Broadway Music Theatre this fall. Ms. Matsushita joins the Disney characters and performers from “Big Band Beat? in a dynamic and heartwarming show featuring jazz, Disney music and original songs written by Ms. Matsushita.

Date and time: October 12, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m.

Place: Broadway Music Theatre, Tokyo DisneySea Park

Details on how to apply for show tickets will be announced on the official homepage in early August. (In Japanese only)

*Nao Matsushita Profile

Born in 1985. Started piano lessons at age 3. Debuted as an actress in 2004, appearing in films, dramas and television commercials. Noted as a pianist, performing in various concerts including an appearance with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in April 2007. Also known as a vocalist.

Photo Contest

A photo contest themed to “Disney à la Carte? will take place at Tokyo DisneySea. Use your artistic sense to capture wonderful moments at the Park this autumn.

Theme: “Disney à la Carte?

Participation Period: September 12 – October 15, 2007

How to Participate: to be announced through Tokyo Disney Resort official web site in early August (in Japanese only).

-- Posted July 24, 2007