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by Doobie and Rebekah Moseley (archives)
November 18, 2004
Doobie and Rebekah announce their new venture!

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If you're a regular reader of LaughingPlace.com, you may have noticed the "tales" teasers we've been running for the past week. Today we are very pleased to announce what, exactly, we've been teasing ... In January we will be launching our newest venture, Tales From The Laughing Place - The LaughingPlace.com Magazine.

We first considered launching a magazine more than two years ago. Since then we've spent many hours discussing what exactly would go in it, what would differentiate it from the website and other Disney related publications, how we could do it without detracting from the website, etc. And for various reasons the time was never quite right. But a few months ago the project did come to life after we started speaking to our friends and LaughingPlace.com contributors Lee MacDonald and Lindsay Cave about the idea. Lindsay, being both a graphic artist and a talented photographer, was particularly enthusiastic, and between the four of us a new venture was born.

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The look of the magazine is most definitely driven by Lindsay, so we're going to let him give a quick overview:

Tales From The Laughing Place is a 28 page full color quarterly magazine. The magazine design is weighted towards unique photography, and a style presentation placing particular value on our contributors' writing. The magazine captures both an informative and reflective stance on current Disney history. It features tales from the five worldwide Resorts, the Disney Cruise Line, stage productions and film/animation. It will also see the return of Forever Magical in the form of Rebekah¹s Telling Tale, letters from readers and, in future issues, there will even be a puzzle page!

The magazine will feature two or three principal articles and a regular series with a retrospective nature. Our launch issue features a unique look at the Tower of Terror and 50th Launch media events in May 2004 at the Disneyland Resort as part of our acknowledgment of the importance of Disneyland¹s 50th anniversary to the Walt Disney Company. The retrospective series looks at New Years Eve celebrated around Disney's Resorts, kicking off with the Millennium at Epcot.

The debut issue will begin shipping the first week of January with subscriptions and single issue sales beginning in early December on The LaughingPlace Store (the price has not yet been set). And, as a special bonus, all charter subscribers will receive a special cloisonné pin that will be shipped in time for Christmas (shown below, however the artwork is subject to change).

Tales From The Laughing Place will be an addition to, not a replacement for LaughingPlace.com. LaughingPlace.com allows us to present timely information without space constraints as well as offers an interactivity and mediums (sound, video) that a magazine never could.  We realize this all started with LaughingPlace.com and it is still the base that drives everything else. It is very important to us that the magazine not detract from the website. On the contrary, our hope is the magazine will bring greater exposure to the benefit of the website as well.  

We appreciate all the support we've received from LaughingPlace.com readers in our 5+ years of existence, and we hope you'll be as excited about this next venture as we are!

-- Doobie and Rebekah Moseley

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-- Posted November 18, 2004