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by Ken Pellman (archives)
December 3, 2004
In his last column has a bachelor Ken writes "Disney Eye For the Bachelor Guy"

Kenversations™ - Disney Eye For the Bachelor Guy

Adult single men who prefer the fairer side of humanity aren’t the typical demographic for the offerings of The Walt Disney Company that carry the “Disney? name. Yet, we do exist.

As my days in this demographic rapidly slip away, I have been reflecting on my fascination with all things Disney. What exactly is the appeal for someone like me? Is it an attempt to keep a connection to my childhood? Is it my appreciation of excellence? Is it the iconic personality of Walt Disney? Is it some hidden code threaded throughout Disney imagery by Marc Davis? Maybe it is a combination of many things.

I don't care if people look at me like I'm juvenile, or uncultured, or crazy- I like Disney. More precisely, I pay attention to Disney, I like good Disney and I complain about bad Disney, and I'm a thirty-something male attracted to the ladies.

Actually, there's one lady in particular I've been attracted to enough that I'm giving up that status as a Bachelor Disnoid (or, as Doobie once put it "grumpy single guy"), and becoming a Married Disnoid.

Fortunately, I've found a woman who is not only compatible with me on matters I consider more important than Disney - and there are plenty of things I consider more important than Disney, but she's also into Disney. Lucky me! This means I can keep my Disneyana collection. I can even display it. It means I can still visit the Disneyland Resort often, take vacations to Disney resorts, watch Disney films, listen to Disney music and read Disney books. There's also the added bonus of people not looking at me with quite as much amusement as possible, because they'll just assume I'm "going along" with my wife's interests.

But as I make this transition, I am looking back at the last thirty one and a half years as a Bachelor Disnoid, and what the appeal was for someone with my demographics. What is there in the world of Disney for a single guy?

First and foremost, there are single gals. What more motivation does a red-blooded guy need? There are single gals visiting the theme parks and Downtown Disney. They identify with the whole princess thing. (Watch out for the ones who identify with, oh, say Maleficent.) There are single gals working at those places too. While there are still plenty of attractive ones among the cast, old timers will recall that attractive women seemed to be the rule rather than the exception "back in the day". And, if "normal" guys can't be bothered with Disney, that leaves more options for those fellows who don't mind being immersed in the living theater that is a Disney environment.

Theme parks, amusement parks, and mall-variation shopping centers have always been a popular place to meet, date, and court. Just look closely at some of those old films of early amusement parks. What do you see? You see couples, especially in the days when automobiles were more of a luxury and folks took a rail route to the park.

Some current and past attractions at Disney theme parks have been known to be more conducive to amorous activity than others. The Skyway, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Adventure Thru Inner Space, the Peoplemover, Pirates of the Caribbean on a slow night, the Haunted Mansion, and Walt Disney World's Space Mountain and Disneyland's Splash Mountain when they had lap seating. Such attractions often gave couples the chance to get a little closer.

There's also something about the general atmosphere of Disney theme parks, with the element of fantasy, adventure, and role-playing. Live musicians perform for you, often in close quarters. If you're having a good time together, it can generate good feelings and fond memories, bringing about bonding.

No doubt about it- although it can be pricey, a Disney theme park or Downtown Disney is a great place to take a date.

Whether in theme parks, films, television, or music, guys like escapism, too.

Speaking of films- Feature Animation offerings are often dismissed as "kiddie fare" by those who dwell securely in cultural ignorance. However, like many of Disney's live-action films, there is much that appeals various age groups, including romantic themes. A wholesome female character can still be an appealing one to the guys, whether live-action or animated, and a brave, overcoming male character can inspire men of all ages.

The cinema has been a staple of courtship for as long as it has been in existence, and that includes the times when a Disney image is flickering on the big screen.

Not everything has to be about courtship or adventure, either. There are men who have an appreciation for good environmental design in general or architecture in particular, or railroads, or roller-coasters, or collectible items, and Disney offers all of these things. So, there is a lot about Disney than can appeal to a guy like me.

Getting back to the "gal thing", consider the appeal there has been in working as a Disney resort cast member. Guys meet thousands of female cast members and literally millions of female guests from all over the world. It may be a small world after all, but there are a lot of people in it.

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