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Kenversations: Memories of the Disney Gallery
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by Ken Pellman (archives)
August 7, 2007
Ken tells why he thinks the closing of the Disney Gallery at Disneyland is a sad event and takes a trip down memory lane.

Memories of the Disney Gallery

“What’s the big deal?? some people might say. “It’s just a shop in a theme park!?

Not true.

What made the Disneyland Disney Gallery special was a combination of things – the location, the exhibits, the merchandise, and the people. When everything clicked right, the place was a perfect example of Disney magic.

Located where three themed lands come together in a busy junction, the Disney Gallery often provided a relaxing hideaway that was literally above the crowds and views you couldn’t get anywhere else in the world.

It wasn’t just the views, though. The location was special because it was originally intended as a place for Walt Disney and his family to relax, entertain, and crash for the night.

Sadly, Walt passed away before the place was finished.

The exhibits were often populated by things you couldn’t find anywhere else - art director models for attractions, concept paintings, sculptures, etc.

Some of the merchandise sold there over the years was exclusive to the Gallery and just the kind of thing to make collectors open their wallets and gladly shell out hard earned cash. The place even had its own bags for a while, and had its own cloisonné pin long before the mainstreaming of the pin collection craze and proliferation of a pin for every prop in the park. The place even had its own softcover booklet, featuring the artwork from the premiere exhibit.

The Disney Gallery had paper bags of this design in various sizes.

The first Disney Gallery pin.

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