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I said to Snow White "I think this is a very romantic place." Snow White knew exactly what was up. The grotto started up with “I’m Wishing…?

"Today is my birthday, and my birthday has always depressed me, but it isn't going to depress me anymore, because I'm going to do something to make it a very happy occasion."

Kori's hands went to her mouth as she realized what was going on. She was the only person in the world to me at that moment.

I pulled from my jacket pocket a white ring box, and set the jacket down.

"Kori, I love you and I need you. You are such a blessing in my life."

I got down on my knee.

"I want to grow old with you and share life with you along the way. I want to take care of you have you take care of me. I want you to be the mother of my children. Will you do me the honor of joining me in holy matrimony before all of Heaven and Earth?"

I opened the box to reveal a yellow gold ring with a round diamond centerpiece, flanked with triangular diamonds, lit with a light inside the box.

Never have I seen a woman as happy. She said yes, and kissed me.

I could not take my eyes off of her, but I could hear the crowd cheering. She asked me to put the ring on her finger.

Then, I got up to hug her and thank Snow White. We went over to the wishing well for more pictures and to thank my accomplices.

I introduced my fiancée.

Elated and giddy, we went to ride Tower of Terror to fill time before we went to have dinner at Hook’s Pointe, where I had made reservations. Napa Rose had been booked up, unfortunately. Hook’s Pointe was great, and we spent the rest of the evening calling family and friends to tell them the good news.

Kori and I have a lot of important things in common, but one thing we have in common that makes life a lot sweeter is our love for Disneyland. I knew what I was looking for in a wife. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone who fit such a narrow profile, and was okay with the possibility of being single the rest of my life. But she was out there, and she was looking for me, too.

Dreams do come true.

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-- Ken Pellman

Ken Pellman is sentimentalist and romantic who has never been married. He likes to hang out at Disneyland and follow the entertainment industry in general. Ken can be reached directly at Kenversations[at]flash[dot]net or at http://www.Pellman.net, where you can learn more about him.

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--Posted May 25, 2004
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