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  Collectibles: Art Classics (4 sites)

This category contains sites covering collectibles from Walt Disney Art Classics and other high end collectibles.

  1. Disney Art Classics Official Site  Rating: Unrated
    Disney's official site for the Walt Disney Art Classics line of collectibles.
    Categories: Coll:Art Classics

  2. Disney Collectibles and More  Rating: Unrated
    Disney items of all sorts for sale - pins, snow globes, toys and much more.
    Categories: Coll:Commercial, Coll:Art Classics

  3. Duckman's WDCC Site  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Details on the Walt Disney Classics Collection including many pictures and a discussion board. Updated often with the latest information on new releases, retirements and rumors.
    Categories: Coll:Art Classics

  4. Magic Carpet Disney Collectibles  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Covers all Disney Collectibles, including the Walt Disney Classics Collection. News, bulletin board, convention information and much more.
    Categories: Coll:Art Classics

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