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  Collectibles: Misc. (29 sites)

This category contains collectible sites that don't fit into any other category.

  1. Dis Delights  Rating: Unrated   Community Member
    Pictures of a pin collection for sale or trade.
    Categories: Coll:Commercial, Coll:Misc.

  2. DIS Delights  Rating: Unrated   Community Member
    Pins for sale and trade.
    Categories: Coll:Commercial, Coll:Misc.

  3. Disney Paper  Rating: Unrated   Community Member
    A huge collection of Walt Disney World paper product descriptions and pictures. Items are for sale.
    Categories: Coll:Commercial, Coll:Misc., WDW:Misc, DL:Misc.

  4. Disney Paper Resource Center  Rating: 3 out of 4   Community Member
    Disneyland , Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland History on Paper. Guide Books, Maps,.
    Categories: DL:Historical, WDW:Historical, OD:Tokyo Disneyland, Coll:Misc.

  5. Disneylia  Rating: 2 out of 4   Community Member
    Disneyland pictures. Pictures of Disneyland pins. Villain pictures.
    Categories: DL:Pictures, Ani:Characters, Coll:Misc.

  6. Song of the South  Rating: 4 out of 4   Community Member
    An amazingly thorough and detailed site on Disney's Song of the South. Includes trivia, lyrics, characters, technical information and much more.
    Categories: Ani:Early Movies, NonAni:Films, Coll:Misc.

  7. Ariel Museum  Rating: 2 out of 4
    The Little Mermaid collectibles with pictures.
    Categories: Ani:Later Movies, Coll:Misc.

  8. Bargain Disney Collectable Cards and Disney Books  Rating: 4 out of 4
    by David Moratta
    A big collection of rare to find Disney items for sale including collector cards, comics and books.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  9. Commemorative License Plates  Rating: 2 out of 4
    by Steve Garner
    Pictures of over 100 Disney commemorative license plates
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  10. Dave Lennert's Animation Art Collection  Rating: 3 out of 4
    An animation cel gallery.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  11. Disney Beanies and Pins  Rating: Unrated
    Vendor of Disney mini beans and pins. The site has many pictures.
    Categories: Coll:Beanies, Coll:Commercial, Coll:Misc.

  12. Disney Cast Member Only Treasures  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Pictures and information on cast member-only items.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  13. Disney Happy Kid's & PEZ  Rating: 2 out of 4
    Japanese website with pictures and information about disney fast food toys, pez dispensers and Tinker Bell and Tokyo Disneyland merchandise.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  14. Disney Toys and Collectibles  Rating: 2 out of 4
    by Bobby
    A catalog of toys and collectables available for purchasing at the website.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  15. Disneymation: Disney on stamps  Rating: 3 out of 4
    A complete list of Disney stamps from around the world along with a FAQ and stamp news.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  16. Disney's World of Dolls  Rating: 3 out of 4
    by Beth
    Pictures and information about Disney dolls.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  17.  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Disney pin collecting news and information including an active message board.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  18. Dkfantasia Disneyana Mania  Rating: 3 out of 4
    Mickey and the gang clipart and Disneyana pictures and clipart.
    Categories: Coll:Misc., Misc:Clip Art

  19. Fantasia  Rating: 2 out of 4
    Disney fan, collection page.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  20. Janet Lynns Collectibles  Rating: Unrated
    by Janet Lynn
    Sells beanies, pictures, Hallmark, Cherish, teddy bears, Radko and more.
    Categories: Coll:Beanies, Coll:Commercial, Coll:Misc.

  21. Little Mermaid Postage Stamps  Rating: 2 out of 4
    Pictures of The Little Mermaid stamps from Dominica.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  22. Long Live Mickey Mouse!!!  Rating: 3 out of 4
    Walt Disney biography, history of the Walt Disney Company, pictures, music and books.
    Categories: Coll:Misc., Misc:Walt Disney, Misc:Misc.

  23. Mountain Ears, The Washington State Chapter of the NFFC  Rating: Unrated
    by Hope Maxwell
    This is the official site for the Washington State Chapter of the NFFC Disneyana collectors club. It has information regarding the chapter and how to join.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  24. National Fantasy Fan Club - Los Angeles Chapter  Rating: Unrated
    Official site for the National Fantasy Fan Club - Los Angeles Chapter.
    Categories: Coll:Misc., Misc:Misc.

  25. NFFC Official Site  Rating: Unrated
    This is the official site for the National Fantasy Fan Club.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  26. Pixiepal's Neverland  Rating: 3 out of 4
    All about Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell collectibles.
    Categories: Ani:Characters, Coll:Misc.

  27. TepeeTown's Walt Disney Classics Collection  Rating: 3 out of 4
    by TeepeeTown
    Pictures and prices of the Walt Disney Classics Collection figures.
    Categories: Coll:Misc.

  28. Vicky's Home on the 'Net  Rating: 3 out of 4
    Walt Disney World info, Collectables stuff.
    Categories: Coll:Misc., WDW:Misc

  29. webdisney  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Disney website directory, discussion boards and auction.
    Categories: Misc:Links, Coll:Misc.

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