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WDW Millennium: Tapestry of Nations and Illuminations 2000
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by Rebekah and Doobie Moseley
November 11, 1999
In the third part of our Millennium Celebration series, we show Epcot's two new productions, Tapestry of Nations and Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth.

As part of their Millennium Celebration, Walt Disney World has introduced two new shows at Epcot, Tapestry of Nations and Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth. In the pages that follow we'll bring you pictures, highlights and background information on these two new spectacular celebrations.

Tapestry of Nations
Tapestry of Nations is a new type of parade that travels around the World Showcase Lagoon twice nightly. The night performances really stand out due to the theatrical lighting, internally illuminated puppets and the starlight effect that surrounds the lagoon. Tapestry of Nations is led by the Sage of Time, a stilt-walking performer clad in a massive silver cloak that symbolizes the indomitable human spirit. He is followed by a parade that includes 120 puppets, 720 drums and 150 live performers that interact with Epcot guests. The theme of Tapestry of Nations is international fellowship. Like the rest of the Millennium Celebration, it's all about bringing the world together.

The Sage of Time Prologue
The nineteen torch towers that surround World Showcase Lagoon are set aflame to ignite the spirit of the celebration. Off in the distance the rhythmic sound of drums can be heard. A warm and powerful voice announces, "Peace and goodwill to all gathered here for this earhtly celebration. May the spirit of humanity bring us together. May the promise of the new millennium light the child within your hearts, and now as the Millennium drums unite and become one...Let us fly, fly together hand in hand on the wings of joy, kindness, compassion and love."

Millennium Heartbeat
The drum beat grows louder as the voice booms "Behold the Great Millennium Walk!"

sageoftime.jpg (28112 bytes)
The Sage of Time

The Great Millennium Walk
Around the World Showcase Lagoon, from three locations a procession begins led slowly by the Sage of Time - a stilt walking performer clad in a massive silver cloak. His silver face and hands reflect strength and wisdom. He is followed by a large float featuring 48 revolving drums which 2 performers play in perfect synchronization. The music gradually builds both in volume and tempo until it erupts into an energetic celebration. The soundtrack, written by Hollywood film composer Gavin Greenaway and supervised by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer, heralds the arrival of the new millennium. As each procession continues, the Tapestry of Nations, made up of 120 puppets, marches along to the rhythms of the drums around Epcot's World Showcase.

drumfloat2.jpg (26931 bytes)
Each drum float has 24
revolving drums on each side.

Reach for the Stars
Suddenly the theatrical lighting dims and darkness covers the World Showcase. The sparkle balls on top of the various drum floats are illuminated and guests are immersed in a magical field of stars accompanied by majestic melodies.

A single voice booms along the parade route, "The gateway of time has opened and the spirit of humanity has brought us together. Let us reach out and touch the stars as they light the way to tomorrow and bring us hope for a better world."




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