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LP Lotion: Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom
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Posted September 28, 2012

Yesterday I got the opportunity to join others on the soft opening of Enchanted Tales with Belle. I was happily surprised as I turned the corner of the new castle walls and saw some people with cast members standing out front a door to one of the work walls. This immediately caught my attention as I have been eagerly waiting for my turn to experience this new meet and greet. I have heard so many positive things that I was just happy to be there at the right time.

A few minutes later the cast member announced that we will be experiencing the Enchanted Tales with Belle and at times it could be a 45 minute to an hour wait. Luckily, I was in the first group to enter. I was so giddy and enjoyed seeing all the new things that have been behind walls for so long. Maurice's cottage looks and feels as if it came right out of the movie. Cozy, warm and with little touches of Belle's mother in the queue area. As you proceed to Maurice's workshop the cast member tells you that you are surrounded by many of his inventions. Then the cast member turns to the mirror and explains how this is an enchanted mirror that Beast gave to Maurice so he may visit Belle whenever he wants.

At that time the cast member asks if you would like to visit the Beast's castle and then has everyone say a little chant to open the portal. Next, the mirror comes to life and transports you to the castle and its wardrobe room. Here we are told that we are going to help tell a story to Belle and the wardrobe explains each part and takes volunteers to play the parts. Once all the parts are filled along with anyone else who wants a part, Lumière tells us they are ready for us in the library. The people who were chosen for the main roles in the story go in first followed by everyone else.

We are ushered in and sat down on the benches in the library. Lumière tells us that it is a surprise so when Belle enters we need to yell surprise. The lights go down and we yell "Surprise!" to Belle. Of course she is stunned to see us all there. She proceeds to chat with Lumière and then he says we have a special treat for her and he begins to tell the story of how she and Beast met. At the end, all the actors receive a bookmark and  picture with Belle and a photo pass card.

I must say that this did not disappoint me in any way. In fact, I did it twice and would have done more if time allowed. I also was impressed with the wardrobe and Lumière. They are simply amazing. Animatronics have come a long way since Mr. Lincoln and I am excited to see what other new and exciting things our New Fantasyland has yet to show us.

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A view of Maurice's Cottage
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Maurice's cottage with wishing well
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