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LP Lotion: Experiencing the Be Our Guest Quick Service Restaurant in New Fantasyland
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Posted November 14, 2012

On Saturday,  Donny and I had the opportunity to eat lunch at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Lunch opened at 10:30 a.m. and we got in line at 10:00 a.m. which was smart as by the time it opened there was a long line behind us. Before entering, a cast member welcomed us and reminded us to be kind to our silverware, table and chairs as we are entering an enchanted castle and if we are not nice, they may just get up and leave.  You first pass through an area where the guards are lined up along the wall and podiums with screens of the food available is shown so you can make your selection prior to ordering. While walking through this area you can catch the guards making noises such as snoring and whistling. Well they have been there a long time.

Next, you are met by another cast member who asks how many in your party and if you are paying by credit card or cash. We paid by credit card so he then gave us an enchanted rose and we were guided to an ordering kiosk. Once there, we synced our rose to the terminal and began ordering our food. The choices were many but we made our choice, placed our order and was then told to not put down our receipt or rose until we knew where we were going to sit as the rose told the staff where to bring our food.

Immediately I knew we had to sit in the West Wing. It was dark and a smaller seating area than the other rooms. You feel as if you've entered the forbidden area the Beast told you not to go. There you can see torn and tattered drapes hanging from the ceiling. A portrait of what the Beast looked like prior to his curse hangs above the fireplace but has rips in it. In the corner of the room there, protected under a glass case, you see a rose. Watch closely as when a petal falls off, lightning begins to flash and the portrait flashes the Beast's face.

We then chose a table and placed our rose and receipt down and shortly after a cast member brought our food out to us on a serving cart. I had the Grilled Steak Sandwich and Donny had the Carved Turkey. The steak sandwich was excellent. It was tender and the bread was warm and not too hard. Donny enjoyed his turkey sandwich as well but said if they offered cheese on it he would have had that added. Also, condiments have to be requested from the server as there is not a self serve area for these. I decided to splurge and get a desert too. There was only one obvious choice, the Triple Chocolate Cupcake. It was a nice end to our lunch. After lunch, we decided to explore the other wing of the restaurant, the Music room.

This room is bright and large and has many paintings of Belle and the Beast on the wall. It also has its own beverage station. The large music box in the middle is the focal point of the room. I didn't stay long enough to see if music was played periodically in this room, but I would assume that it is. During our next visit for dinner I will sit in this room so that I can experience it as well.

As for me, this is now one of my top 3 quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. If you are not wanting a burger and something a bit different with a truly enchanted experience, I would highly recommend Be Our Guest Restaurant. Bon Appetite'! 

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Menu showing some of the items avaliable.
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Ordering stations at Be Our Guest.
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Entry into the order area you are greeted by a CM.
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You receive this enchanted rose prior to going to the kiosk to place your order.
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Fireplace in ordering room.
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