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LP Lotion: Around Epcot Including Habit Heroes
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Posted January 20, 2013

A look a some big, recent changes at Epcot including the complete changing and reopening of Habit Heroes, France's new bakery, a new IBM exhibit at Innoventions and much more. Here's a description of Habit Heroes from Wendy:

Today the newly revamped Habit Hero's opened at Innoventions. Upon entering you are greeted by a cast member who guides you through the different area's of your mission. First you are briefed on the three different monsters you must face in order to protect the city and then defend the world. The different monsters are the scorcher (dehydration), the slackers, and the blocker bots. It is your mission to defend yourself from these diabolical monsters to create better habits for your health. At the end of the simulation, you are given a map and a bracelet (based on what element you were fighting inside the simulator). With this map, it sends you out to a destination to get a clue and then you come back to the Habit Hero's kiosk, put in the secret code to complete your mission. Habit Hero's also has an app that you can get for free through itunes and Google and play at home as well at www.habitheros.com

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After opening and closing quickly last February, a completely new Habit Heroes has now reopend in Innoventions.
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