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LP Lotion: May the 4th Be With You at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Posted May 6, 2013

On Saturday, my husband and I ventured to Hollywood Studios to experience the Limited Time Magic that was, “May the 4th be with you”. Not being a Star Wars fan, or even seen the movies in their entirety, I was eager to go and see what the day would have in store. I thought maybe a few characters meet and greets, or a stage show. At rope drop Donny and I headed straight to Star Tours. I was adamant that we would ride this today as I heard characters would sometimes join on the ride with you. Unfortunately, after waiting for almost 2 hours, it was still down for “technical difficulties”. But it was not horrible standing there waiting in the rain. We befriended a loyal Star Wars fan and her Grandmother, who by the way knew nothing about Star Wars. It was fun to sit and talk to the cast members with them about the history of the ride and had a bit of Star Wars trivia. We were also lucky to be visited by a Star Wars cantina musician or Bith as I now know them to be. Then a group of stormtroopers in formation marched by us. We saw many other characters meeting guest, taking pictures with them and interacting with them throughout the day.

Later in the day the dance party started by the Sorcerers hat, DJ’s by DJ Lobot. As the music played many characters came to dance, Goofy as Darth Vader, Donald as a Storm Trooper, Chewbacca, and a Greedo. So many characters and it was a great energy throughout the day into the evening. The finale of the night was the Star Wars "Symphony in the Skies" fireworks show. I have never seen fireworks at Hollywood studios other than Fantasmic! so I was very excited to see what would be coming. It was great. The musical score along with the fireworks were very impressive. Finally at the end of the night, we once again headed to Star Tours and got to board our ship that took us to the forest moon. This was a perfect end to this hit it out of the park Limited Time Magic day! Now I am excited for Star Wars days and plan to go in my Princess Leia costume.

[Ed Note: One other thing we wanted to mention ... throughout the day word spread among the Disney fans in attendance that Bob Iger and George Lucas might be making an apperance and an announcement at some point during the event. It ended up not occuring, but the hastag #IgerWatch was actually trending on Twitter for a while. You might want to read some of those tweets from Saturday night, some are very funny]

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