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Disney Channel announces new series

Disney Channel Ramps Up Original Production With New Series and Movies

Disney Channel has greenlighted new series for its target audience of 9- to 14-year-olds and two new movies for the Disney Channel original movie showcase, announced Rich Ross, general manager and executive vice president, programming and production, and Gary Marsh, newly named executive vice president, original programming.

"We are continuing to increase our original programming line-up -- more movies, more series, more TV for our kid audience," stated Ross. "As we build and broaden our original programming offerings, we strive to provide our kid viewers with a variety of choices not available elsewhere."

Marsh, who oversees development and production of Disney Channel's entire slate of original programming, added: "Disney Channel has truly carved a niche with older kids based on the success of our original movie franchise, narrative and documentary-based series and music specials. These projects perfectly complement and expand upon our current successes."

In A Heartbeat
Disney Channel's new series, In A Heartbeat (working title), combines the youthful spirit of teenage life with the drama of emergency medicine. Produced by Alliance-Atlantis, In A Heartbeat (working title) is inspired by real-life volunteer EMT squads staffed by high school students.

The live-action dramatic series follows the lives of four such teens as they strive to balance the responsibility of saving lives with the everyday, adolescent demands of family, friends and school. Disney Channel has ordered 21 episodes of the series which is set to begin production in Toronto this May and will premiere later this year. Richard Pierce, Keith Pierce and Patricia Green are executive producers.

Extending the successful reality franchise into the world of competitive sports, Disney Channel has ordered 15 episodes of the documentary-style, reality series TeamSport.

Produced by Evolution Film & Tape Inc., the same company that is responsible for Bug Juice, Disney Channel's critically acclaimed reality series about kids at summer camp, TeamSport follows the adventures of the Lady Hoopstars, a group of 13-year-old girl basketball players through the triumphs and tribulations they experience together as a team and individually off the court.

This new series began production earlier this month in Dayton, Ohio and will premiere in October.

The Other Me and Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire
Disney Channel continues to dominate in the world of original movies for kids and families with the addition of The Other Me and Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire to its monthly original movie franchise. "The Other Me," executive produced by Alan Sacks (The Color of Friendship, Smart House) and produced by Diane Gutterud, follows the adventures of 13-year-old Will who, while working on a science project accidentally clones himself.

At first, Will is thrilled to take advantage of his secret "twin," having him do all of the things he would rather not, like chores and homework. However, as his clone becomes more and more popular, Will decides he needs to get his own life back. Written by Jeff Schechter (Brink!) and Greg Pincus (Alley Cats Strike!, Quints), The Other Me begins shooting this May and is set to premiere in September.

In celebration of Halloween, Disney Channel will produce Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire. This original movie depicts the story of a trio of siblings who set their mom up on a date with a "cyber" suitor who, unbeknownst to them, is a vampire out for blood. When the kids learn the truth about the mystery man, it is up to them to keep their mom out of harm's way.

Executive produced by Michael Nathanson, Bettina Viviano and Cliff Alsberg, produced by Don Schain ("Don't Look Under the Bed") and written by Robert Keats and Mark Palmer (Wild Thornberrys), Mom's Got A Date With a Vampire begins shooting in May and will premiere in October.

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-- Posted March 27, 2000

Source: Company Press Release