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Giant New Store at Walt Disney World Resort To Feature Exclusive Theme Park-Inspired Toys

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Giant New Store at Walt Disney World Resort To Feature Exclusive Theme Park-Inspired Toys

A 16,000-square-foot toy store bursting with familiar favorites and creative new playthings from Disney and Hasbro is coming this summer to Walt Disney World Resort. Designed as the ultimate place for kids to play, Once Upon A Toy officially opens its doors August 1 2002, at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Inside, the store’s spacious interior will be filled with colorful, kinetic displays dreamed up by Disney Imagineers and Hasbro designers, and exclusive new toys, games and collectibles combining the magic of Disney and the fun of Hasbro, including:

  • A special MR. POTATO HEAD with Disney-themed parts such as Mickey Mouse ears, a character autograph book, a Mickey balloon, a sorcerer’s hat and a teacup vehicle from Disney’s Mad Tea Party attraction.
  • A new version of the sleuthing board game CLUE based on Disney’s popular Haunted Mansion attraction.
  • A Disney theme park edition of MONOPOLY, the world’s most popular board game.
  • Star Tours action figures from the “Star Wars”-inspired attraction developed by Disney and George Lucas.
  • A PLAY-DOH play set based on Disney’s beloved It’s a Small World attraction.
  • A miniature version of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge resort hotel made of LINCOLN LOGS.

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Construction continues on Once Upon a Toy

Outside, an interactive play area will offer still more fun.

“Once Upon A Toy will be a wonderful destination for everyone who loves to play,” said Al Weiss, president of Walt Disney World Resort. “I’m delighted to welcome our guests to this newest addition at Downtown Disney and look forward to the magic they’ll encounter.”

Alan G. Hassenfeld, Hasbro’s chairman and CEO, said, “Once Upon A Toy will offer visitors to Downtown Disney an incredibly unique play experience for ‘kids’ of all ages. Together with Disney, we are building a destination filled with great toys, games, imagination and fun.”

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Disney Themed  Mr. Potato Head

Once Upon A Toy will feature cherished Hasbro favorites that have been creating smiles for decades -- including TINKERTOYS, PLAY-DOH, LINCOLN LOGS and a towering construction station where guests can assemble a custom MR. POTATO HEAD from thousands of playful parts.

Guests also will find a wide selection of popular Disney playthings such as character stuffed toys, the new My Disney Girl doll and accessories, and toys inspired by the magic of Walt Disney World Resort, including miniature versions of Disney’s popular monorail system and Cinderella Castle.

--Posted May 30, 2002
Source: Walt Disney World Press Release