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Walt Disney World Weather Report for January 20th from @WDW_Weather

Well we managed to make it to 77 yesterday for a high temperature under an awful lot of cloud cover ... in case you were wondering that is considerably above "average" for this time of year - but don't worry we'll make up for it today.  A cold front passed last evening bringing a few spotty showers with it and shifting winds.  That said, this cool down won't be anything like what we went through last week and it won't last very long either.

Any clouds should get up and out of here by the time rush hour ends and all in all it will be a pretty nice day.  Plenty of sunshine will keep the parks a beautiful place to be, BUT we might not make it into the 70s as official highs call for temperatures in the upper 60s.  A rather cool evening lies ahead so bring that jacket if you are hanging out late night to see some pyro and magic as low temperatures get back down into the really low 50s.  Winds will be relatively light from the north at the start of the day and shift to east later in the day.

Like I said that cool down will be short lived and we'll be back up into the 70s to end the week out and by the time we get to Saturday guess what - we'll be flirting with 80 so anyone lucky enough to be heading down to Florida this weekend is going to love that news (especially if you are coming from the north).

Warmer than average temperatures continue right into early next week and we could even make it into the 80s on Monday - which would be about TEN degrees warmer than it should be this time of year...get outside and enjoy it AND TAKE PICTURES FOR US POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS :-)!