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by Michelle Smith (archives)
February 23, 2001
This week Michelle talks Disneyana, NFFC and - of course - martinis.

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I knew there would be a reaction to my moving over here, but I just didn't realize how huge it would be. I'm completely overwhelmed! From the dozens and dozens of supportive and fan emails (and the one negative one) to the chocolate truffles that arrived at my house, to the incredible martini glass that Doobie and Rebekah surprised me with at Disneyland this Sunday. They took some pictures, wanna see? It is engraved with "LaughingPlace.com" on one side and "Fab" on the other. "So, Fab, what do you collect?" "Disney-Related Martini Glasses!" Whoda thunk?

On thing I wanted to collect, and can't seem to afford more than a few, are Terri Hardin sculptures. If anyone went to the NFFC Convention (more on the NFFC below), you will remember that Terri showed off the absolutely gorgeous Disneyland Puzzle Map, which shows many of Disneyland's treasured attractions, past and present, (Tomorrowland is 1967 Tomorrowland). This is something every Disney collector, even myself who doesn't buy much, only what touches her heart the way Terri's stuff does, would die to have. This is something every collector should have an opportunity to own, like the Park Maps that inspired them.

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Terri Hardin's 3D map of Disneyland

So, how many of these maps are the nice folks (and they ARE nice folks) at Disneyland making? 2500? Maybe 4600, for 46 years. How about 1313?

How about 25.

Yes, only 25, and only for attendees of the Official Disneyana Convention. This decision, however, is not final until the mold is broken, so if you would kindly call or write the nice people (again, they ARE nice people, so please be nice right back) and let them know your concerns regarding this matter and that you would like to give them some money, I would personally be very grateful. I really want one.

The Tinker Bell Map isn't in much better of a spot: an edition limited to only 100. Sigh.

Many of you wrote to ask: what the heck is the NFFC?

The NFFC, formerly known as the National Fantasy Fan Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts (they expected you to say that, yet have a cash bar at their annual banquet! Go fig!) was started by a group of Disney fans, and has grown to thousands of members all over the world. They have a web page at http://www.nffc.org . It's an exciting time for the NFFC as a new board is about to be elected. Membership is $24.00 per year and includes a one-year subscription to the 24-page newsletter, FantasyLine Express, Discounted admissions to the show and sales, information about local chapters in your area, the ability to participate in the Conventions (extra fees), and free classifieds to buy and sell your Disney related stuff.

They have a killer convention every July. This year's convention is called "2001: A Disney Odyssey - California or Bust!" which will include seminars, parties, road trips, a banquet, and, more often than not, Imagineers throwing things at you and indulging in shameless self-promotion. Room-Hopping is my favorite sport, in which ConventionEars (hee!) throw open their hotel rooms and display tons of Disneyana to sell. This is where you can usually get a great bargain on collectibles.

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