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by Michelle Smith (archives)
April 6, 2001
This week Fab clears up a mix up from last week's column and talks a little bit about Epcot.

Big Show let me know today that the breathlessly-awaited Jessie's Wild West Rodeo will be released April 16th. One of the funniest moments of Toy Story 2 was when Barbie commented on the short-sightedness of those who did not do enough Buzz Lightyear dolls; even funnier was the run of Talk and Yodel Jessies that followed at Christmas.  Well, at least she has her own computer game. Now, how about some canopy bedding?  

Ron and Marie Murdza have a contest every year to see who can best describe a true Disney Fanatic. This year's results can be found at: http://members.aol.com/murz1219/fanatic6.html

My favorite:
You're a Disney Fanatic if...you wake up each morning singing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!" And your bedroom rotates to connect to the bathroom. (Tony Boudreau)

Here is a heads up on Epcot's Tom Morrow 2.0's Playground at Innoventions:  It opens this Tuesday, and they are FAR from being 100% ready.  CMs are hearing that they might get two days rehearsal, then the walls come down and there we are 

The "100 years of Walt" Celebration is coming to Innoventions East. Special interactive kiosks will be set up at "the fork in the road". No, Walt's offices won't be here.  Each Park will have its own area.  

I think I'm going to start making huge, stupid mistakes in my updates on a monthly basis or so. It seems to be the only way I can get a lot of mail.  I know the difference between John Canemaker, that animation author guy who teaches at NYU, and John Culhane, that animation author guy who teaches at NYU.  

So, what happened? Fab wrote her update really late Thursday night and got her...um...animation author guys mixed up.  

And I'm just about the last person on earth who should. I apologize to both of you. I own and love almost all of your books. I even have a copy of the Backstage Disney with Tim Burton .... somewhere ... around here.

To help keep them straight, from now on, I'm going to reference my Handy Dandy Canemaker/Culhane Reference Guide. I strongly suggest printing this out and taping it to your wall, to prevent ghastly errors like mine from happening to you.


Fab's Handy Dandy Canemaker/Culhane Reference Guide

Which One? John Canemaker John Culhane
NYU Animation Faculty Bio Click Here Click Here
Toon Homage


none that we know of... (if you've got 'em, send 'em)

snoops.jpg (3643 bytes)
Snoops, John from Rhapsody in Blue
Books Include: Before the Animation Begins, The Animated Raggedy Ann and Andy, Treasures of Disney Animation Art, Winsor McCay-His Art and Life, Felix-The Most Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat, Paper Dreams, the Art and Artists of Disney Storyboards, the upcoming The Nine Old Men

Walt Disney's Fantasia, Fantasia 2000: Visions of Hope, The American Circus, An Illustrated History, Disney's Aladdin; The Making of an Animated Film, Special Effects in the Movies - How They Do It

Wrote to Fab --nicely-- about her mix-up? Not tellin' Not tellin'
Literary Quote "In over a dozen not-very-subtle paintings, Tenggren overlays male crotches with strategically placed knives, poles, rifles, guns, and hands" "I made it squat - like a duck" explains Cooper
huh? "Does the imagery scream with spiritual and physical longing, sexual frustration, loneliness, perhaps a cry of help?" FOUR-COUNT EM-FOUR HARLEM SHOWGIRLS (but no mention in the book about John's inspiration!)

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-- Michelle Smith

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-- Posted April 6, 2001
-- Picture of Snoops (c) Disney