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by Kim Petersen (archives)
November 28, 2001
Kim interviews Disney artist Dick Duerrstein and takes a close look at his unique artwork.

"Magical Moments - Disneyland"
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Dick Duerrstein signs a poster.
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Dick Duerrstein
Saturday, November 10, 2001
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A.
Disneyland Park

I've been very lucky in my life, I guess, as I've been fortunate enough to have grown-up in a family of writers, photographers and artists. I learned, very early, the challenge, the drive and the wonder of creating from a blank page a work that you found to be personally rewarding. I've always been fascinated by that process - the creative process. And, as a collector, I have an appreciation of the process by which any item in my collection is produced - be it a cloisonné pin, a sculpture, a plush, an elongated coin or a lithograph - part of my desire for the product is wrapped-up in the process by which it’s made - I understand the item better if I understand how it’s produced.

I’ve also been extremely fortunate, through my work with the NFFC over the last decade or so, to have been able to meet and befriend some of the Disney legends, artists and craftspeople who had created the images that I grew-up with and still love today. Images that the world has fallen in love with. The characters who have become so much a part of the collective consciousness that children who can’t read, in virtually every corner of the world, know who Mickey Mouse is. Visuals that have been incorporated into the homes, hearts and psyches of people around the world and touched humanity. Yeah, Okay, so, I take this Disney stuff pretty seriously.

So, when I had the opportunity to meet another of the Disney artists whose work I really like - Dick Duerrstein - I jumped at the chance and we decided that LaughingPlace.com’s Collector’s Corner could be a place to feature not only collectables, but also the artists who create the items we buy and treasure. I’d never had the chance to meet Dick before and had asked to be able to do a "quick" interview with him to augment the images of the products that were created for the event - nearly three hours later I left the Disneyana Shop with 90-minutes of Q&A on tape and very nearly 90 digital images - not to mention a lot of memories to store in my cerebral Disney file.

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“Just a little dark orange right here…” Dick explains to two of his many “students” during the day.
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One of the smallest of the contributors to Donald adds a bit of contouring.
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