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by Jim Miles (archives)
February 20, 2003
Jim says good bye … for a while.

Dear Readers,

As a fifth grade student perusing the film section at the library, looking for books on Disney animation like Leonard Maltin’s The Disney Films and Richard Holliss and Brian Sibley’s The Disney Studio Story, it was only a matter of time before studying for art appreciation became studying for my future. My future is, naturally, yet to be determined; however, from studying the construction of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the decisions behind the creation of Beauty and the Beast, and criticisms of Bambi, I learned volumes about the power of storytelling with richly depicted characters and purpose-driven music through an engaging plot.

Now, all these years later, I am pursing my own dreams, maybe pursing them the way Walt Disney taught me. In order to do this, I need to take a short break from my column to focus on my pet project for the last three years, an original musical entitled Fire in Berlin (www.fireinberlin.com) for which I will be producing a reading in mid-March.

Once that is over and all related tasks are completed (which should be no later than early April), I will return to share my thoughts on the latest in the Disney world.


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-- Jim Miles

A graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Jim Miles is an educator, play director, and writer. In addition to his column for LaughingPlace.com, he is currently revising an untitled literary mystery/suspense novel as well as producing an industry reading for Fire in Berlin, an original dramatic musical work for which he has written the libretto and lyrics (www.fireinberlin.com). He is also working on a second musical work, a comedy entitled City of Dreams. After having created theatre curriculum and directed at the high school level, he also writes and directs plays and skits for his church.

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-- Posted February 20, 2003

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