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Around the World
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by Doobie Moseley (archives)
September 15, 2004
Doobie ears around The World and sees a Magic Kingdom show for the first (and last) time.

Around the World

This column, Around the World, was initially created to explore some of the areas of Walt Disney World outside the four major theme parks. But in the five months I've lived here, I've discovered leaving the parks out completely leaves out a lot. The idea of the column was to make sure people know there's a lot more to Walt Disney World than the rides, Wishes, Fantasmic! and the other major things you think of when you come here. So I'm changing the focus just a bit to include some of those things.

The Plaza Restaurant

So let's start with my favorite subject - food. Over the past couple of weeks Rebekah and I have been able to eat at some of the restaurants we've never been to or haven't been to in a long time. First up was the Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. After passing it by for years Rebekah and I finally snuck in for lunch one day. I enjoyed the atmosphere and loved the dessert. Being a vegetarian there weren't many options for me there and the one they had wasn't a favorite of mine. I'd pay $10 for a veggie burger there 'cause when you're sitting in that restaurant on Main Street looking forward to dessert, it just seems like you should be eating a burger. But it's a very comfortable place to visit which is probably why we've already visited again.

The Veggie Wrap at the Plaza Restaurant

Tony's - indoor seating

Next was Tony's on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. We last ate their in 1997 - the first year I visited Walt Disney World. When I went then I remember not being all that impressed. Restaurants in the theme parks, especially outside of Epcot, often seem rushed. But we were smart - we went at lunch time when there were only a couple of other tables occupied. Our server was great. Not only did he make a good pizza recommendation for me, he was very personable and funny. The food was pretty good as well - better than I was expecting.

Tony's - outdoor seating, where we were

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