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Disneyland Update - November 8, 1999
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by Doobie Moseley
November 8, 1999
This update features Christmas, more DCA construction, more Disneyland Hotel changes and a couple of Fantasyland improvements.

The big news this week is Christmas. It has arrived at the Magic Kingdom as evidenced by extensive decorating of Main Street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, New Orleans Square and Toontown. Making its return for a third year is It's a Small World Holiday. The Country Bear Playhouse Christmas Show is also back.

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    Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland has made a commitment to "owning" Christmas. This year they are showing they are well on their way to achieving that goal. Christmas decorations began to go up on November 1st. By November 5th Christmas had taken over Main Street, New Orleans Square, Toontown and the Hub and Castle area. To keep up with all that's going on LaughingPlace.com has opened a Disneyland Christmas Section. Over the next few days it'll be updated with dozens of pictures from around the park and will continue to be updated as Christmas comes to the Disneyland hotels and the Christmas Parade returns on Thanksgiving day. To whet your appetite we've included a few pictures here. Also visible at It's A Small World is construction for the FastPass system that'll be coming soon to the attraction.

SmallWorld.jpg (34359 bytes)
It's A Small World Holiday
Toontown1.jpg (30168 bytes)
The Fire Station in Toontown
Goofy.jpg (22243 bytes)
Santa Goofy takes a quick break
Pluto.jpg (13148 bytes)
Pluto is decked out as well

DCA Update
Disney's California Adventure is still progressing right along. This week the Maliboomer received its "topper". We've also got a much better view of the Grizzly Peak bear head that we originally showed you last week and a couple of other pictures.

Mali1.jpg (16367 bytes)
The Maliboomer bells
Mali2.jpg (21586 bytes)
A Closer Look
DCA1.jpg (13175 bytes)
DCA and Downtown Disney view
from the Disneyland Hotel
West.jpg (9528 bytes)
Travelling down West Street just in front
of what was the Monorail station
Grizzly.jpg (21509 bytes)
Grizzly Peak
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