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Report: Disneyland's October 26th Diva Villain's Event
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by Doobie and Rebekah Moseley
October 27, 2000
A report from the October 26th Diva Villain's Special Event at Disneyland featuring merchandise, dinner and a Diva show. Includes over 100 pictures and 14 videos.

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The October 26th evening began with registration near the Disneyland picnic area. From there guests were sent to the Rocket Rods queue (Circle-Vision theater) to view the merchandise that was available. Unlike previous events, Disneyland used a random selection process to determine who would be have the first opportunities to purchase the limited edition items.

The Limited Edition Merchandise from The Villains Enchanted Evening featuring The Disney Divas

The following items were available through the Random Selection Process. Guests were given the opportunity to enter a drawing to purchase these items. The request had to be postmarked by October 18th. At the event when you received your registration packet you were informed of what requested items were available and you could purchase the item or decline after the viewing. At the event's conclusion at midnight all leftover merchandise was available to guests based upon another number which was drawn at event registration which would serve as your placeholder.

Another system that was established to try to reduce the waiting for the merchandise guests were asked to specify if they wanted early viewing or not. If guests missed their viewing time a standby line was established. This line varied in length throughout the event. Unfortunately some guests who had requested an early viewing were given later times and others who had not requested early viewings had been assigned an early viewing time and had to wait in the stand by line.

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Black Lambskin Bomber Jacket
Limited Edition 5

Chernobog Disney Villains logo embroidered on the back of the jacket. Limited-edition number on the inside of the jacket.

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Villains Enchanted Evening Limited-Edition Gold Select Coin
Limited Edition 100
One troy ounce of .999 silver featuring the Disney Divas logo on the front side and Chernobog Disney Villains on the reverse. Both images are brushed with 24 kt gold select. Limited-Edition coin includes event dated certificate of authenticity.

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Chernobog Sculpture • Original, top right
Artist: Terri Hardin
Limited Edition 1
Chernobog atop Bald Mountain. Featured in its natural state, this three-dimensional sculpture stands 9"-11"" tall.

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Chernobog Sculpture - Limited-Edition Reproduction
Artist: Terri Hardin
Limited Edition: 5
Chernobog atop Bald Mountain. Created from resin and hand painted, this three-dimensional sculpture stands approximately 9"-11" tall.

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Artist Sketch for Chernobog sculpture
Artist: Terri Hardin
Limited Edition: 1