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Tokyo DisneySea Special Update - April 4, 2001
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by Mark Borrelli
April 4, 2001
Another 3-Dot DisneySea Update with updates on the progress of various areas of the new park.

Marc Borrelli presents another edition of 3-Dot DisneySea

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The Other Side of the Sea
On March 23rd, in a ceremony held in the Cape Cod area of DisneySea, the exciting announcement that September 4th will be DisneySea's opening day was made by Orient Land President Toshio Kagami and Disneyland International President Jim Thomas. (click here for a photo)  The official press release of the announcement was accompanied by this picture.

medhar1.jpg (32132 bytes)
(c) Disney

Taken on March 19th, this is a shot of what guest will see after they've passed through the turnstiles, walked past the AquaSphere, and traveled through the arched passages which lead under the second level of Hotel MiraCosta. (see an opposite view in an artist's rendering below)  It will be guests' first true taste of Tokyo DisneySea Park.

Running left to right, first there's the Galleon Renaissance and the Fortress.  They'll both feature numerous high-tech, multiple player interactive games which are designed to appeal primarily to children.   The games are currently being installed and programmed.  Work is expected to be complete on them in about two months.

In the background there's Mysterious Island, which houses the attractions Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,.  The volcano will vent steam/smoke from it's top during the day and erupt fire after sunset.

If you look at the right side of the Fortress you'll notice a ship (it can be seen better in an artist's rendering below).   The day before the above photo was taken the ship was towed by motor boat from near Hotel MiraCosta, where it had initially been placed in the water.  When it arrived at it permanent home, two SCUBA clad workers secured it in place.

Next in the photo there's the passage at "'Caldera Over All" and the pedestrian bridge which runs over it.    The Transit Steamer Line ships will travel the passage after cruising through the caldera on the way to their Porto Paridiso dock.  The dock is at the far right of the photograph.

A nighttime show, somewhat along the lines of Fantasmic! and Illuminations, will take place in the center of the body of water pictured in the above photograph.    

24Mediterranean.jpg (27682 bytes)
Mediterranean Harbor and Hotel MiraCosta

This artists rendering shows the opposite view of the one shown in the photograph. The arches at ground level are the location where guests will emerge after passing through the entrance plaza.   

3dot5ExplorerLanding.jpg (19794 bytes)
Renaissance, the Fortress, and the previously mentioned ship.

Reuters also has this photograph, taken from across the "river" at Mermaid Lagoon.  Portions of Sinbad's Seven Voyages, Arabian Marketplace, Caravan Carrousel, and Magic Lamp Theater are visible.

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