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Opening Ceremony for the "Moteurs…Action!" at Walt Disney Studios Park
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by Lee MacDonald
March 26, 2002
Coverage of the opening ceremony for the stunt show "Moteurs…Action!"

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Roger Moore and Remy Julienne at Moteurs... Action! (c) Disney
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The Stunt Show Dedication

For over six months, locals driving around the back roads of the Studios have caught glimpses of a picturesque Mediterranean fishing village right in the heart of land-locked Ile de France. This stunning set, highly reminiscent of the coastal communities of the south of France and the Italian Riveria like Marseille and Monaco is the backdrop to the Stunt Show Spectacular, Moteurs…Action!, one of the attractions in the Back Lot of the Studios park. This buzz surrounding this original production has been electric for months as curious guests caught glimpses of speeding cars, bikes and jetskis in rehearsal of the show. On March 17 2002, the show’s creator, Remy Julienne joined the cast and crew at the inaugural ceremony.

Brian Schultz, the Show Producer for the Back Lot, revealed in an interview (to be published on LaughingPlace.com at a later date) that Remy Julienne had been in talks with Disney for some time before the Studios stunt show was even considered. Julienne was keen to involve Disney in a stunt show that would be technically the most difficult and visually the most stunning show ever produced at a theme park. At first, Disney was reluctant to become involved in such a spectacle due to safety concerns and the initial cost of producing such a lavish affair and then the subsequent running costs. However, Julienne eventually convinced Disney that such a show was not only possible, but also a necessary addition to the second park at the Disneyland Resort Paris.

Therefore after months of rehearsals and three weeks of soft openings, the show was inaugurated at the media event for the Studios. V.I.P.s and vast press crews from around the world were joined together at the 3 000 seater stadium facing the harbour setting.

The show itself commences in much the same way as the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at the Disney MGM Studios in Florida, with “show producers? selecting several members of the audience to be extras in the filming of today’s scenes for the upcoming action blockbuster. However, the extras for the inauguration had already been pre-selected and I was one of the chosen few! Usually, the extras are immediately shuffled into an awaiting MPV to carry them away to the set, but for today’s special show, we were taken to a platform at the front of the stadium to watch the first few scenes.

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