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Café Orleans Set to Debut New Menu, New Look and Table Service
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by Doug Marsh
June 20, 2006
A look at Disneyland's newest table service restaurant, the new Cafe Orleans.

Café Orleans Set to Debut New Menu, New Look and Table Service

On Sunday, June 25 at 11:30am Café Orleans in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square will open its doors after a lengthy renovation. Only sharp eyed guests will note that the entrance has been moved to a reservation desk just off the patio. The new interior has retained all the charm of the original café, despite the fact that the service line and small dining area has been reconfigured into two modest dining rooms with full waiter service.

Seating is also available on the patio facing the Rivers of America. Across the walkway, a portion of the raised platform will be transformed into a performance stage for a Pirate Band.

Behind the scenes changes are far more dramatic. Explained Chef Christopher Maggetti, the kitchen was completely redesigned to accommodate new menu items, as well as future offerings. Maggetti, Product Development Manager, created the menu, along with Chef Jean-Marc Viallet and Operations Manager Robert Clunie. Maggetti focused on entrees, while Viallet created the desserts.

Previously, food for the Café was primarily prepared in a kitchen below the dining level. Now, aside from storage and basic prep, menu items are prepared and served from a kitchen at the same level as the dining room. Each signature item is prepared from scratch, right down to the special batter for the beignets, which are prepared fresh in a new doughnut fryer. Each menu item, with the exception of the New Orleans Gumbo, is unique to the Café.

Chef Christopher Maggetti and Operations Manager Robert Clunie

Asked for recommendations, Magetti and Clunie got into a good natured argument. Both agreed that the Pommes Frites made an excellent appetizer for the table. Each also recommended the gumbo. While Magetti leaned toward the Three-Cheese Monte Cristo, Clunie favored the Mardi Gras Crab Salad Sandwich—or the Seafood Herb Crepe. In the end they both agreed that all the choices on the menu are good ones.