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Scarlett Stahl: A Visit to Tokyo Disneyland's Club 33
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by Scarlett Stahl (archives)
December 29, 2010
Scarlett goes to Tokyo Disneyland's Club 33 for her birthday and presents a pictorial tour.

Where would I want to go on my birthday? Why Disneyland, of course!!!! Even though I have a small family, I am blessed with really good friends. First one of my friends arranged for me to celebrate my birthday on September 30 at the original Disneyland in California by lunching at the wonderful Club 33. Their chateaubriand was wonderful and the buffet of shrimp, salads, cheeses and numerous desserts was unbelievable!! I indulged myself by purchasing the neck scarf with the Club 33 emblem, as well as the unusual square shot glass also with the emblem, as a birthday gift to myself.

Then on October 6, I celebrated again at the Tokyo Disneyland Club 33!!! Again this was arranged by another good friend. You can find the Club door, which is marked Club 33, between the Bank and the Waffle Company on the outside area of Main Street. With reservations at pre arranged for noon, I knocked on the door and was greeted by a hostess, who asked my name. After identifying myself, I was escorted into the elegant downstairs lobby and taken by elevator up to the second floor. As I was escorted past the curio cabinet containing the Club 33 items for sale, I stopped to glance briefly at the items but restrained myself from shopping then and there. Instead I managed to force myself to continue to my table in the other room with which faced the Castle, seen through the curtains.

For luncheon my friend, Carol Burgen, and I had a choice of regular lunch courses for 6,300 yen, 8, 400 yen, 10, 500 yen or 12, 600 yen. And there was a Birthday Lunch Course for 16, 800 yen. As our main purpose was to see Club 33, not enjoy a gourmet meal that would bankrupt us, we chose the lunch course of 6,300, which is roughly about $75.00 per person and I indulged in one glass of champagne for $20!!! This did not include the price of admission to Tokyo Disneyland, which was a separate fee.

The atmosphere was refined, elegant and quite Continental. The area was larger than the Club 33 in California. We dined on duck pate, creamy potato soup, salad, mackerel for me and chicken for Carol, with accompanying vegetables and rolls. Everything was delicious and beautifully arranged, with perfect service. We were surprised by the appearance of a Birthday dessert of crme brule and cake, coffee and tea. In addition they took a picture of us with our dessert and gave it to us along with matchbooks that contained Mickey stickers with Club 33 imprinted on them along with my name and the date. Additionally they added another booklet with my real birthday of September 30. I think I have my friend to thank for this special treatment.

Before we left, we checked the curio cabinet. I would have liked to purchase the china teacup and saucer with the Club 33 emblem but it was 20,000 yen, which was about $250!!!!. There was a pencil, some golf tees, wine bottles but I chose a Cross pen in brown with Club 33 in gold on one side and on the other side, Disney for $90 and a pen and pencil set for children with stickers in matchbooks for $35. After all this was my birthday present to me and I wanted to go home with some tangible reminders of my visit. The hostess escorted us to the door with everyone bowing to us as we were leaving and was gracious enough to take our picture at the door.

It was a lovely visit, which I will never forget and a dream come true. Needless to say the rest of the day at Tokyo Disneyland was wonderful with all the Halloween dcor and special parades. And Disney Seas was a great adventure as well.

Dining area of Club 33 from outside
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Entrance to Club 33
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All of the white building upstairs is Club 33
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Lobby of Club 33 door in center is elevator to upstairs and dining area
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Upstairs Entry. The cabinet on left contains items for sale
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Dining Area
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My friend, Carol Burgen and me at the entrance
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