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Toon Talk Special: Disney's MVPs - Part One
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(c) Disney

Fantasia 2000
- 2000

Steadfast is right … even handicapped with one leg, this upright trooper bravely protects the beautiful ballerina of the music box from the treacherous advances of the evil Jack in the Box. The monochromatic cast of “Rhapsody in Blue? and the splendid Sprite of “The Firebird Suite? may get all the glory, but hey, this tin toy gets the girl.

Sleeping Beauty
- 1959

Yes indeedy, this girl’s got spunk. Not only would Merryweather (voiced by Barbara Luddy) like to turn that witch Maleficent into “a fat ole hop toad?, you know she would do it too. But, as her co-good fairies advise her, their magic only works “to bring joy and happiness.? “Well,? she sassily retorts, “that would make me happy!?

(c) Disney

#31 - TUCK and ROLL
A Bug’s Life
- 1998

These two acrobatic pill bugs steal the show out from under their flea circus compatriots with their outrageous feats of daring and often indecipherable dialogue (provided for both by Michael McShane). They even hold their own against mean ol’ Hopper (snatching an antennae in the process) and provide a particularly … noisy outtake during the end credits.

- 1997

They are the Muses, Goddesses of the Arts and Proclaimers of Heroes … they are also one mighty fierce girl group. These Destiny’s children, made up of Calliope, Clio, Melpomene, Terpsichore and Thalia (and voiced by Broadway babes Lillias White, Vanesse Y. Thomas, Cheryl Freeman, La Chanze and Roz Ryan, respectively), are a Greek chorus that soars. “Sing it, child.?

#29 - SI and AM
Lady and the Tramp
- 1955

In their brief appearance, these twin Siamese cats (both voiced to purr-fection by Peggy Lee) wreak enough havoc (terrorizing the Darling’s helpless canary and goldfish) to send our leading Lady into a panic. But, of course, they do it through song, making “The Siamese Cat Song (We Are Siamese)? a deliciously catty highlight of the film.