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K & R - We talked about which pieces we wanted and what it would cost us, and the affordability worried Eric.

Eric - "It’s a tough choice… What’s nice about what I did with this, I had a friend who said, ‘Eric do all of them top-end, all hundred Mickeys.’ I said, ‘You know what? People want to buy some of these originals and if they all cost $20,000 or $7,000, what’s the point of that?’ No bodies going to enjoy that. It’s so great to have a kid walk out with an original Mickey that cost a few hundred dollars. So some of these are sketches, some are little charcoal studies, some are sushi stick with, ya know, soy sauce (he laughs) or whatever. You know what I mean… so the prices for the originals are varied and it makes everybody happy. It’s possible to get one now."

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One of my favorites - MM006 - "Sepia Mickey" - Eric manages to capture every nuance of my favorite mouse.
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K & R - SO, is it going to be cool walking around the park watching people munch popcorn out of a bucket with your art on it?

Eric - "You know, I read that on your web site. I didn’t know that until I read that. I called my Mom and Dad and said, ‘I know I’ve made it now. I’m on a popcorn bucket! If I’m on the popcorn buckets I’ve made it!’. That, for me, was more exciting then almost the whole gallery being dedicated to me. Because - popcorn buckets! I was a little kid, I grew up here in Southern California, at Disneyland. And, that’s a thing, you know? And I just saw them just now and that’s so awesome. I’m really excited about that kind of stuff... I’m really flattered, that really flattered me, and popcorn buckets... Because everybody gets those." Rebekah and I teased him about people wanting him to sign their popcorn buckets, he laughed, "Really? Popcorn buckets? People collect them?… Well, collectors, you never can tell. (laughs)… I never would have thought that." It blows him away that he’s joined the realm of Disneyland history.

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MM099 - "Copper" - raw pigment, pastel & acrylic on paper.
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A closer look at "Copper" shows the almost burnished look of the surface and the embossing more clearly.
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