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Report: Disneyland's October 26th Diva Villain's Event
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The Artists
Several of the artists were onhand throughout the evening.

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Artist Dave Avanzino enjoys a cup of coffee at Redd Rockett's

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Artist Eric Robison with Hades

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Terri Harin (second from left) and Eric Robison (far right) and their guests at Redd Rockets

Beverages and Dinner
Due to bad weather, the location of the beverage reception and dinner were moved. The original location was the Festival Arena. Instead Innoventions was used for the beverage reception. Unfortunately, seats were hard to come by with most guests either sitting on one of the Innoventions stages or one of the video game seats. Most of Innoventions was running during this time but closed to guests not attending the event.

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Inside Innoventions

Dinner was held in Redd Rocket's Pizza Port. It was a buffet featuring prime rib, pumpkin raviloli, corn chowder, vegetables, beer, wine and soft drinks. Things were running behind schedule at this point and Tony Garrison, one of the event coordinators, took the microphone to inform everyone the show would start late and there was no need to rush through dinner - the show wouldn't began until everyone was there.

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Redd Rockett's decorated for the event

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After dinner everyone walked to the Fantasyland Theater for the show. Along the way were some villainous characters:

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