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An Interview with Artist Dave Avanzino
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LP: What is the process normally from start to finish?

DA: I usually sketch something out concept-wise. I do a lot of work in the computer, obviously, because I use a lot of fonts and text. I do a lot of that work to get balance and layout so things are to scale and go with each other. On the computer I create black and white line art to get size and scale and font…all those different things down. Then from there I start fabricating the piece- sometimes I know exactly what it will look like when its done and other times it sort of evolves.

DSC07830.JPG (8157 bytes) DSC07828.JPG (12296 bytes)
An early prototype and final version of the Tower of the Four Winds piece

I usually start with a main piece of type and get a color, and then that begins to dictate what the other colors are. Or maybe I’ll start with a background that I know is going to be green which would mean the color on top of it needs to go with that or contrast that and that tells me what the next color and texture needs to be. Some are printed out, some are hand cut from different materials, some are hand painted. So its just a real variety of materials and media.

Image008.jpg (18054 bytes)
The Magic Mirror from the Diva Villain's event

LP: Is each piece in each edition made by you?

DA: Yes. Every single bit. Hand cut, hand painted, hand attached. Which is why the biggest edition I’ve done is 10.

LP: Once a piece is done, how long does it take to replicate it for the edition?

DA: Hard to say. I would think..(looks at the Evil Queen piece) Starting with the finished one - it would still take a few days to make more. The hardest part is making the first one. Once you’ve made it and you know what color everything is, what materials you’re making it out of - it is faster making the other ones. I never make them one at time. I make all the pieces of one part, then all the pieces of next part, and once I have all the pieces done then I assemble them.

LP: How unique is what you do?

DA: The nicest and most consistent compliment I get, and that I treasure, is when people say "I’ve never seen anything like it." That started back from the line of scripture art that I was making and it has carried over here. I don’t believe I have seen anyone doing Disney art that has this kind of feel to it.