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LP Lotion: The Newly Updated Haunted Mansion
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Posted September 14, 2007

The Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion has reopened. The first visible change is to the Mansion's exterior and the queue area. This area is now covered with a deep red tarp and there are fans discreetly enclosed near the tent top which keep the air circulating for those waiting. There are also lights recessed within the tenting. The Mansion now features a deeper brick coloring.

Wheelchairs are able to travel through a portion of the queue branching off once past the hearse. The entry foyer's painting appears enhanced with better tonal qualities during the transformation. The stretch room comes alive with a variety of creaks from all around and the wallpaper features richer tones. There was debate among us as to the loading area, a series of portraits with eyes that follow you are now above the Doombuggy loading area. Some in our party thought these were located elsewhere previously.

After the bar lowers on your Doombuggy you pass a series of portraits that transform dramatically with the lightning flashes outside the Mansion windows. The portions that follow the library and conservatory seem mainly unchanged but appear refreshed.

Following the conservatory is the new never-ending staircase with haunted footsteps appearing and disappearing. Next we traveled by the familiar Haunted Mansion creepy eyes wallpaper. But some of these now appear to be looking back at you. They are lit and blink as you pass.

The poor guy stuffed in the casket is still trying to get out. Creaks and chills accompany you along the hallway with the doors that seem to come alive.

Madame Leota within her crystal ball now floats around rather than remaining stationery on the table. The ballroom sequence that follows is largely unchanged but once again appears refreshed and more vibrant in color and imagery.

The attic has been the most talked about and showcases many changes. The bride carries an ax and has more dialogue. Her story of various beheaded husbands is exhibited in a variety of portraits which feature these men. Their heads mysteriously vanish leaving the bride with the headless groom.

The graveyard also remains largely unchanged but has received audio enhancement and is improved visually. Tones and shapes of the spirits are more discernable to the eye.


Three videos are available of the Stretch Room, a ride-through and lightning effects on the Mansion. Unfortunately the interior videos are quite dark for obvious reasons.

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-- Video and Pictures by Rebekah Moseley