Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Guide - Dining at (Walt Disney World)

Service Type:Quick Service
Price Range:$ ($14.99 and under per adult)

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Menu

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Lunch/Dinner

Build Your Own Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza9.95
Build Your Own 2 Top Pizza9.45
Build Your Own 1 Top Pizza8.65
Build Your Own Simple Pie7.55
Signature Pizzas
Red Vine9.95
BBQ Chkn9.95
Meat Eater9.95
Art Lover9.95
Green Stripe9.95
Veg Out9.95
Link In9.95
White Top9.95
Simple Salads
Simple Salad - Side4.95
Simple Salad - Entrée7.95
S'more Pie3.00
Assorted Sweets3.00
Agua Fresca3.00
Assorted Fountain Beverages3.00
Alcoholic Beverages
Assorted Draft Beer7.00
Assorted Bottled Beer 

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