Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar Guide - Dining at (Walt Disney World)

Service Type:Quick Service
Price Range:$ ($14.99 and under per adult)

Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar Menu

Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar Daily

Fountain Beverages
Fountain Beverage - 16 oz2.50
Fountain Beverage - 24 oz3.00
Fountain Beverage - 32 oz3.25
Fountain Beverage Flavors 
Freestyle Experience
16 oz3.00
24 oz3.50
32 oz3.75
Create Your Own Beverage Experience
Create Your Own Beverage Experience25.00
Bottles and Cans
Glass Bottles - 8 oz2.50
Aluminum Bottles - 8 oz2.50
Mexican Bottle 355 mL3.00
Mexican Bottle 500 mL4.00
PET Bottle - 20 oz3.00
Mini Can - 7.5 oz2.00
Can - 12 oz2.50
DASANI® Bottled Water - 20 oz3.00
smartwater® - 20 oz3.00
smartwater® - 1 Liter4.00
vitaminwater® Zero3.50
Zico® Premium Coconut Water4.50
Coffee & Tea
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee3.50
Honest Tea®3.50
Gold Peak® Iced Tea3.50
Energy & Sport
NOS® Energy Drink3.50
Monster™ Energy Drink3.50
Juice & Milk
Minute Maid2.50
Simply® Juices3.50
Honest Kids2.00
Fairlife Milk3.50
Float - 16 oz5.00
Float - 24 oz5.75
Float - 32 oz6.50
Float Tray10.50
ICEE - 16 oz3.75
ICEE - 32 oz5.25
ICEE - 24 oz4.50
ICEE Float - 16 oz5.00
ICEE Float - 24 oz5.75
ICEE Float - 32 oz6.50
ICEE Flavors 
Minute Maid Smoothies
Minute Maid® Smoothie - 16 oz6.00
Minute Maid® Smoothie - 24 oz8.00
Coca-Cola® Tastes of the World
International Tray9.00
Float Tray10.50
Combo Tray16.00
Specialty Drinkware
Novelty Bottle with Fountain Beverage11.25
Novelty Bottle with ICEE13.25
Hologram Cup with Fountain Beverage7.20
Hologram Cup with ICEE9.20
Diet Coke® Mint3.00
Floating Cherry Coca-Cola®4.00
Inca Kola and Lime4.00
Jack and Coke12.00
Stoney Mule13.00
Cuba Libre13.00
Vanilla Russian11.00
Chilling Peach Lemonade12.00
Sinatra Select30.00
Cherry Coke Ripper12.00
Citrus Mojito15.00
Rum Runner12.00
Coco Long Island15.00
Simply Raspberry Lemonade Margarita13.00
Adult Coca-Cola Float15.00
Vodka and Simply Juice10.00
Traditional Flight20.00
Signature Flight25.00
Alcoholic Smoothies
Alcoholic Smoothies - 16oz12.00
Alcoholic Smoothies - 24oz14.00
Coca-Cola Brownies4.00
Coca-Cola Cake4.00
Coca-Cola Brownies Combo6.00
Coca-Cola Cake Combo6.00
Pretzel Combo6.00
Popcorn Combo6.00

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